08 October 2010


In a moment, if you are really REALLY quiet...you might hear my friend Jenny gasp!

Did you hear her?

You see, 

Jenny is pretty passionate about photography.  I just point and shoot.  This picture started out sort of blurry...so I played around with it...added some, (hold on, Jenny) GRAIN and made it worse.

I kinda like it.

Don't you think it's a little impressionistic?

Of course, Jenny will probably say, 

"It's more like...impressionist~icky!"

But the story makes me happy.  So, it's all good.  

I took that there picture...oh, did you want to see it again?

This is Alice's truck with the trailer full o' treasures.

I took this picture whilst on a road trip to Jenny's with my junkin' buddy, Alice.  This road, however, leads to her sister Muriel's house, (No, not Jenny's sister.  Muriel is Alice's sister.  Arielle is Jenny's sister : ) where we were fixin' to say, "Hello!" and snatch some goodies from her garden...for the wedding.

The wedding that is comin' up this weekend!!!


I'm heading back to Jenny's tomorrow...to help her wrap up whatever little projects need doin.'
(When you use a single quote...does is still go OUTSIDE of the dot?  It looks kinda funny.)

I'm also going to Jenny's to take more pictures.

Hopefully, they won't turn out icky.

What are YOU doing this weekend?  

(If you think I'm a little nerdy tonight...just wait 'til tomorrow.  There is a HUGE bag of "Oops" Jelly Bellys at Jenny's house with MY name on it!!!)

: )

Julie M.

ps  Oops!  I guess they are called Jelly Belly Flops!  Thank you, Jenny!  My brain will probably still call them "Oops," though.  I cannot, after all,  stop referring to Great Harvest Bread as "The Yummy Bread Store!"  : )
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