Belated Views of Barn House & A Vintage Gathering!

One Day ~ Two Fleas

1st Stop


I'm thinking that someone probably snatched some pretty nifty containers right out from under the flowers on that ledge.  

I snapped this shot JUST in time.  Cindy was right behind me to fetch this lovely bed away for a buyer.

There were all sorts of yummy storage pieces available at the show.

Ooh...this would make a great ribbon organizer!


I think this is pretty great too.


Ooohh....and how about this!?

They had all sorts of sweet lighting.

Jen, from Windy Ridge found a cool fixture for one of her projects.

Isabel & Joe are seated behind her.  It was lovely seeing everyone again.  We, in Washington/Oregon, are definitely blessed with being surrounded by a great crowd of creative folks.


I'd like to add this to my wish list, please.


What a lovely show!'s not time to rest yet!

Next Stop


This vintage bed set stopped me in my tracks...

Isn't it gorgeous?

I believe the gal said it had belonged to a military family.  They purchased the pair whilst stationed in France or Germany. was just lovely...

But I didn't get it.


They had lots of yummy storage too.  What would you keep in this?

I didn't get it either.  

In fact, I spent more time visiting at A Vintage Gathering than I spent shopping and taking pictures.  It was my first time at the show and I was blessed with meeting some lovely blog friends!

What fun!  

They are so sweet!

Thank you so much to Lisa & Kristin for loading my nifty new trunk (from Lisa's business partner, Sally) in my rig.  

It was so nice meeting you!!!

What a perfect day!  

Thank you to all of the hosts/vendors for putting on such wonderful shows!  Thank you, mama, for wanting to spend your Birthday Weekend flea shopping in Southern Washington.  You are such a great buddy! 

For more detailed information about last weekends fleas, please visit Barn House & A Vintage Gathering.  

Thank you!

: )

Julie M.

ps  My cool new trunk hasn't made it inside the house's currently on loan to my friends for their nephew's Harvest Wedding!  

pps  Please feel free to share "vendor's treasure credits" with me and I will happily add their links beneath my photos of their goodies.  


Farmgirl Paints said…
Not even fair I have to miss this! Looks lovely:)
Windy Ridge said…
Still trying to get Levi to hang the chandi for me:)
(thanks for reminding me of all I left there! I NEED that locker!)
Barn House said…
Awesome pix! Thanks so much for making the trek out to see us. :o)
Anonymous said…
Hi Julie
I was helping out at the Barn House sale - I'm sorry we didn't meet. Looks like you had fun, I thought the whole day was amazing
liz said…
Julie . . . I am soooo glad you posted these - the photos are just wonderful!!! Loved the lockers - the "Mail" bed was just amazing!!! :)

so glad you and your mom had such a good time!!! :) - liz
Glenda said…
Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful pictures. If only this Indiana could be so lucky to visit!
Lissa said…
they always have such great displays! I wish I could've picked up some of the storage pieces! Too bad we missed you!
Seizing My Day said…
It has been WAY too long since I have had a good junk shop...

love love that red barn shot!!

You have a fun job!!! ;)

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