On This Day...I Thee Help Decorate!

It pays to be friends with a packrat shopkeeper.  

Just hours before my friend Liv's little brother was set to walk down the aisle, she called me with a request for baskets for her wee flower girls. 

So, as her husband rushed off to the grocery store to fetch some roses, I hopped in my car and went on a hunt in The Little Red Shop (and storage) in search of a proper selection of baskets and decorative accessories for my friend.  

Next stop...the hairdressers' shop.

Curling iron in hand, Liv stepped away from fixing a bridesmaid's coif to check out the goodies and say...


"Those....with a little of that!"

The lil' green trunk was my last purchase at the 2009 Farm Chicks Show.

I then headed back down the road...to tear apart some roses.

It's always fun to see how things come together in a flash!

How sweet is she!
{Miss T's lil' sis was unavailable for this photoshoot...as she was in the house, busily packing up her Barbie backpack for the weekend}

And now, 

How would you plan an AUTUMN event with a wee lil' budget?

Another dear friend has an upcoming wedding in the family.  My bff Jenny's nephew just got engaged.  The groom, the son of Jenny's husband Casey's beloved late sister...is a Fireman, EMT, AND our handyman!  This lovely bride and groom will be walking down the aisle in just over 4 weeks and then receiving their guests in Jenny & Casey's beautiful home.  With a pretty modest budget, and the help of a few designer friends, : )  Jenny is planning the wedding.  We are having loads of fun getting ready to deck the church and "reception hall" for fall.  Look out storage...here I come!

: )

Julie M.


May God bless you and those who are remembering their loved ones this September 11th, which also would have marked my parents' 45th Wedding Anniversary.  My precious daddy went to be with the Lord one month prior to my parents' 34th Anniversary.



Farmgirl Paints said…
She is a sweetheart. I have no idea what I'd do. But those roses look pretty darn good.

My parents 50th is coming up soon. Can't believe that. So grateful that my dad is still with us. We almost lost him a few years back too.
Laura said…
I just love a home wedding. We had ours in the back yard,; it was inexpensive and homemade and so sweet and filled with joy. Congrats to your friends! I hope thier day is as great as ours was!

What would I do for a fall wedding? I would embrace the gold and orange and red of fall, but avoid the mums and leaves and pumpkins. Well, maybe leaves are okay...

Ribbon is a great inexpensive way to deorate and unify a wedding. I used the same type of ribbon on invitations, flowers, centerpieces, and favors, and it looked great. Candles are great too, and that golden light is perfect for fall.

I sure hope you post pics! I'd love to see it!
Jen said…
Awww, you love me! Love you too! I'm so glad to have all of your help. I couldn't do it without you! I'm excited to see what we come up with. What a special wedding this is going to be!

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