Invasion of the Froggy Hampers...

The plan had been to head into town for a flea market with my mama this Saturday in honor of what would have been my parents' 45th Wedding Anniversary.

But life happened.

My mom's schedule changed and I found out that some dear friends would be moving across the mountain...that very same day.

So, what's a girl to do?

 Well, I helped my friends move, of course!  Ya'll didn't really need to see another post about a about fancy flea right now...did'ja?


Speaking of fleas...

Li'l Froggy was almost TOO fat to fit in his seat.

In fact, the poor green thing wasn't feeling so keen on Saturday.

I was afraid that mid-mountain, on the way to his new home, Froggy might toss his cookies and all sorts of bits n' pieces of unmentionables would start flying through the my head.


That would not be a good thing at all!!!

But...that was the least of my problems.


I hope ya'll had a blessed weekend and are looking forward to a bright new week!

: )

Julie M.


Jen said…
You have a blessed week too! And thanks so much for all the scrumptions wedding ideas. Raaaar!
Farmgirl Paints said…
That frog thing is hilarious. I love it stuffed to the bring about ready to spew forth! Good friend to pass up a flea to help someone move:)
Lisa said…
That is great! I am glad the T-Rex behaved!!
Hugs, Lisa
Seizing My Day said…
Oh my gosh you are sooooo funny!! =) We happen to own one of those froggy dudes... except ours is a wee bit smaller! he he!

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