Road Trippin' ~ Highway 101

What would you say if I told you...

...that this wee old church which sits quietly in the corner of Washington State...

...looks out across the sea?

And what would you say if I told you that just barely a lil' way down the road from this church...rests the longest continuous truss bridge in North America?

Would you believe that I drove over this bridge?

( least that's what I was told...that it is five miles long)

What an incredible view!!!


But THIS is not the view from the church.  This is the view from across the way....from a lovely old house in Oregon State.

(no...not this one)

This is the house...

...yes, this is the house...that The Goonies saved way back in the day! this view, to the left is the school...where a wee goldie-locked girl...

...stood up to a future Governor.


back across the bridge

past the chapel


 through the light

way back up the coast...the previous night

without a clue that we'd be visiting Astoria...and with cause, I may have uttered the words of that little my mother...

to be continued...

: )

I hope you're having a lovely week!

Julie M.


KathyB. said…
I love this post, and I especially love the area you're posting about. I did not know some of those things about the wonders of our state and our neighbor state to the south, but i do believe with all my heart Oregon and Washington are the most beautiful places in America. Just a personal bias of mine, guess that makes me very happy to live here!

I await the rest of your story, and yes, I am having a perfectly lovely week~thank-you.
Everything is so beautiful. Loved seeing your photos!
What a beautiful place to visit. I have never been to Washington, but I have seen so many beautiful images on blogs that I really, really want to visit! ROAD TRIP! It is a Longggggg one for me though! But, it would be worth it. :)
Jen said…
One of these days, when the laundry is done, the taxes are paid, the car has been serviced recently, and all my ducks are sitting prettily in a perfect row, maybe I'll have time to roadtrip with you again! Until then... thanks for taking me on a road trip while I sip my morning coffee in my jammies with a sweet little wee one asleep on my lap.
Farmgirl Paints said…
Oh I guessed it even before you said it. I've wanted to visit Astoria ever since the Kindergarten Cop. Loved that movie. And I LOVE that church!!!
Ms. Bake-it said…
What a gorgeous road trip! I am so loving that church, the view, the bridge... all of it. I am truly envious! My boys love the movie The Goonies and they were not even born when it came out!

I cannot wait for the rest of the story and more pictures.

~ Tracy
Anonymous said…
Thank you! I await more chapters to the story....smiles.
Timi said…
I know that church! I admire it everytime we drive past it. We were lucky enough one day to drive past on a Sunday monring. It was awesome to see the parking lot full of cars. It made my imagination run wild what it must have been like with horse and buggy, or modle T's, or big Buick's. Love Astoria and up the Washington Coast to Ilwaco and Long Beach. Thank you for sharing. Makes me want to hop in the car this second!
malia said…
Hi Julie! What lovely photos. I love them all. Thanks for visiting Vintage Indie. If you get a chance, visit me at my personal blog

I think we have a lot in common!

I am your newest follower. (-:
Windy Ridge said…
Wonderful familiar photos! Have driven(ridden)over that bridge so many times and passed that lovely old church:)
Isn't Astoria amazing?
ImagineCozy said…
That little chapel looks just like one I saw in Vermont! Beautiful.

Thank you for coming by. I have had a great summer. My kids just started school today. Wow --- it really flew by.
Seizing My Day said…
I love that little church! we explore similar ground... or um... waters... um... are bridges considered ground? ;) My kids love that Bridge... it kinda sorta creeps me out!! You could be the Princess Police!! ;)
I love that church--and ALL the scenery you captured on your trip. Gorgeous. I'm not sure how I'd feel about driving across a 5-mile long bridge. I always feel a little skittish about big bridges for some reason.

How fun that you saw the Goonies house!! I haven't seen that movie in years. I think I was still a teenager. Makes me want to watch it again!

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