Road Trippin' ~ Highway 101 ~ Part II

"Are you awake?"



"Are you awake?"


This little dialogue went on for several hours as I attempted to not give into sleep as my mama drove Hwy 101 down to Vancouver.

My last visit to the Olympic Peninsula ended as a solo act.  So...for this mama was gracious enough to get behind the wheel.  We ended up leaving our lil' ol' neck of the woods much later than planned, and thus...hit Forks at just about Twilight.

Can you see it?

How about now? 

We pulled into town to look for some place to no avail.  So, I bought a bag of Cheetos at Thriftway, ate a piece of cold leftover pizza from Kingston...and we hit the road.  I can't remember what my mom ate...but it probably included those mini Ritz cracker cheese dealies.  Yeah, my precious daddy said that if anything ever happened to him...we would starve.  

He was a foodie, a road-trippin,' treasure huntin' foodie.  

This crazy adventure of ours, driving an entire peninsula out of the way down to the Barn House Show...was in honor of my dad.  He has now been with the Lord for 11 years...and he would be so proud of my mighty Wonder Mama.  

Would you like to know what she did earlier in the evening?

Are YOU ready to hit the road?

Buckle up!

As we wove around the lake, my mom pulled over from time to time to let other vehicles pass.

One such vehicle was that of a Park Ranger.

Mom's "Whew!" of relief as the Ranger passed us...turned into an "Oh, my goodness!" just a few miles down the road. the very moment that I was taking this picture of the south end of the lake... mama spied the Ranger's cruiser parked in front of what appeared to be a little convenience shop.  I looked up just in time to see the slender Ranger, with her? back toward us...crouching...gun drawn...carefully peeking around the corner of the building.

The scene was gone in an instant...and then my mama said,

"Should we go back and help?"


"Shouldn't we go back and help?"

"Mom, that is not OUR job!"  I said.

About this time, another cruiser heading up from the South zoomed past us on their way to the scene.

"Oh, good...they have help," said my dear Emergency Room Nursing Wonder Mama.



"Were you serious?"

"Well...?" she thought...out loud.


1.  We do not want to get in the way of the Officers who are doing their job.

2.  We do not want to donate our car or ourselves to the bad guy/guys.

3.  We do not want to get caught in a crossfire.

4.  We do not want to get eaten by a very large bear.

5.  If you've read my last can insert wee goldie's comment here.  



Pray tell...what would you have done?  Do you have a mighty Wonder Mama?

I've tried googling it repeatedly...and have yet to discover what was going down by the end of the lake.

Do you know?

I hope that ya'll have a safe and sound weekend!

My mama and I are fixin' to hit the road!

: )

Julie M.


What wonderful adventures with your Mom.....driving 101 is just breathtaking...beginning to end :)

Jen said…
But what happppppened??? Now I'm curious. Gorgeous pics. One of these days (probably when we have donned our red blazers, purple boas, and feathered, wide-brimmed hats) we'll have to road trip again. I know I've said it before but I'm just gonna keep on sayin' it until it happens. :)
Dovecote Decor said…
We have just clicked through to you from Mimi Charmante. Your banner photo takes my breath away. I'm getting a huge kick out of following the PNW blog world and all your fabulous vistas. I'm clicking away to see your shop. Come visit us in North Carolina!
Farmgirl Paints said…
Beautiful pics. Look at your momma...wanting to be a hero. YIKES! Do you ever go home?? I have never seen so much road trippin':)
Amy Kinser said…
You've made me curious.

So happy for you and your mom to get to spend this time together. Memories!!!
Barbara said…
Nice blog, lovely road trip photos, I have lots to share too, hope your day is filled with blessings, Barbara
What a great story! I love that your mom was ready to stop and help the Ranger. And these photos made me feel like I was along for the ride with you! :)
Seizing My Day said…
We are about to road trip on Highway 101 and head to my favorite Washington Beach... right after I have a few teeth pulled... yikes!! the road might actually look like those pictures through my eyes!! lol!

I can't believe your Wonder Mom wanted to help!! ;) Crazy mama!!

I love what you shared about your dad's food comments! Keeps your heart smiling, eh?! My mom passed 9 years ago... I love those things she used to do or say that make me smile! ;)

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