Clayson Farm Antique Show

When a sweet gal named Timi spread the word about the Clayson Farm Antique mama, who's been "flea bitten" ever since Barn House, said, "Oooh...let's go!"

So...Saturday, we hopped in my rig and hit the road to apple country.

By the time we reached our destination...this lovely little gal was filling up her second truck-load of goodies.

How cute is that chair???

My mom went on a search for the perfect dresser... I paused for a moment to take in the show.

Would you like to be a fly in the flea?

Here we go!

After finding a sweet vintage dresser... mama settled in the shade of one of the farm's lovely trees to catch up on a little reading.


I happened upon The French Hen at the way very end of the show.  
{I believe that their blog is in pre-production}


Can't wait!!!

I would've been happy to take ALL of their treasures home with me!

In addition to my mama's dresser...which needs a bit of work and is a post for another day...I found a few lil' things of my own!

Are you ready to see them?

Are YOU ready to see what I bought at the Clayson Farm Antique Show?
{Please forgive the's Sunday...I'm working on resting! : }

I bought 3 tins!  Yippee!  I am actually pretty happy with them.  I collect vintage recipe boxes, so I was quite pleased when I saw the lil' tole style box peaking out from bits of packing tissue in a tub of goodies a vendor was pricing.  I already had that, now I have bookends!  The white box with the red lid is also a recipe keeper...with 3 sections.  2 for standard cards and 1 for those a bit larger.  I found {bought} the red tin with the decal as I was heading out the gate.  It should come in handy for organizing all sorts of wee kitchen bits.

{Just click here to learn more about my kitchen and my little breakfast hutch.}

I found this next vintage goodie inside the barn.
{two of its layers are not shown}


One can never have too many lil' tins!
{these 13 happy little molds from Blue Ewe were my first purchase at the show}

As always, I hope that YOU are having a beautiful day!

: )

Julie M.

Please visit Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for Today's Thrifty Treasures!

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Auntie Joy said…
Hu Julie,
We also had a great time at Clayson Farm. Hope to see you there next year! Or maybe at Timi's sale in October?
ooohhh aaahhh thanks for all that eye candy.
Unknown said…
Really cute finds! Thanks for sharing your adventurous shopping day. Those are the best kinds of sales!
Farmgirl Paints said…
I would have LOVED that. The setting...the goodies! What a fun day. I saw lots of things I would have snatched up.
Pam Kessler said…
You've made my day. I started out grumpy today and now I have a smile on my face. So many cute things at the show. Thanks for sharing.
Oh wow!! What gorgeous pictures of pretty junk in such a pretty setting! Thanks for sharing!!
Unknown said…
love the photos . . . so wish I could have been there!!! Love what you bought!!! :) liz
Anna said…
That looks like fun! I miss antique shopping. My husband and I used to do that occasionally but it's not so easy now that we have a 6 month old. :)

I came here through your comment on Farmgirl Paints.
Wendy said…
Looks like a lot of fun!!!
mary pernula said…
Very cute blog, I enjoyed my visit. HUGS MARY
Cassie Shella said…
Oh wow! What an awesome place to hang out for the day. And what great finds- I love it when I find little treasures like that. Have a great weekend!
What a lovely, lovely blog you have! I just love everything about it....your tastes, your kids, the photography and especially your "about you" intro - I laughed at the krispy creme exercise that! You and I would be great friends I am sure...hope to meet you some day.

Kindred spirits,
Anne Marie said…
what a great market!! I plan on having my farm just like that someday...where people come to hang out under the shade of the oak a bite to eat...get new people...

you gals in WA sure have the great places to go! Jenn Rizzo sent me over...and so glad! what a great looking family you have (and that post on the froggy hamper was funny :)

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