The Barn House Flea...

When I heard that my mama was going to be free for the weekend...I asked if she'd like to take a little trip down to the Barn House {vintage home & garden} Flea Market.  

She said she would.  So, Friday afternoon, we hit the road and a ferry...and headed in the opposite direction of the show.

"Why not..."  I thought,

"...take the scenic route!"

Being almost equally as nutty as I mom agreed.

Isn't she fun!  Why not turn a five-hour drive into fifteen?  I'll fill you in on our wee road trip later. 


 In the meantime, here are a few other things that make me happy...

ruffle-trimmed sofas on hay bales 

flip-flopped baby feet that make being little...feel like yesterday

cat naps

cowgirl hats


country gentlemen

Joe, of Barn House

Would you like to take a look inside the barn?

I was so happy when I learned that Liz, from Seabold Vintage Market, was going to be one of the vendors at the show!

Her warm traditional style speaks volumes to me.

Not only does Liz produce her own exquisite fabrics (Bainbridge Blues)...

She has a beautiful children's clothing line too!!!

"Hattie Bird" much loveliness in one place!  

Flutterby Girls

I'll show you what I found at BH along with a collection of other treasures I've gathered throughout the spring & summer...

...including goodies from:



The day, however, wasn't just about treasure was loaded with fellowship too!  In addition to being blessed by visiting with Liz, Deb & Bob, Heather, and Tiffany again...we met sweet Kimberly & Lissa.

Tiffany, aka The Fancy Farmgirl & Lissa, of Humble Pie

What fun!

Ya'll should definitely visit their wonderful blogs.  I felt a bit like someone attending a concert who'd never heard the music as Kimberly pointed out fashionable farmgirl after fashionable farmgirl and asked if I read their blogs.  One of these lovely gals was Lara Blair.  What a dear spirit she has!  Do you read Modern Prairie Girl?

Thank you so much to Joe & Jermonne for hosting such a beautiful show!  My mom and I really enjoyed it.  Everyone clearly put a lot of time, energy, creativity and love into the day!

Please visit Barn House for more detailed information about the show!

Thank you!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

: )

Julie M.

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oh how i would have given anything to be with you!! that looks like heaven on a stick (without the stick ) :)
Farmgirl Paints said…
I'm so jealous. Every booth looked amazing and to see my Lissa there!!! Oh I'm so bummed:( Hope you found some amazing goodies.
paige said…
what a dream...i would LOVE to see that one day
you got some great shots & sounds like you had a blast
Alison Agnew said…
Oh. What. Fun. I feel like I had a mini vacation just looking at all the pretty pictures from where you went!

And I totally want that ruffly sofa. Yum.
oh man what a super fun trip! Everything looked amazing
Cora said…
Wow....what a wonderful walk through so many vintage things! I love it! I would have been in heaven. Thanks for sharing.
Retreat said…
Miss Julie, it was a joy to see your smiling face, as always! {Do you EVER miss a show?!} You and your mom were SO darned cute!
Hi Julie! I'm so sad I missed seeing all of you sweet junk lovin people!. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics!
Kelley said…
As always I love to hear of your adventures and live vicariously through your lovely photos. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE that pic of me with super sweet Tiffany!! It was wonderful to meet you and your mom! You got some pretty pics! Everyone was so sweet weren't they~ that was the best part! great pic of joe too! love it!
Unknown said…
Hi Julie . . . It was soooo good to see you at Barn House!! Now - if we just had a bit more time to chat it would be even more wonderful!!

So glad you got to spend some special time with your mom!!! Mother and Daughter trips are extra special - I so remember doing them with my mom!!

Just so you know . . . your pictures are ten times better than mine of my space . . . so I think I will send people your way to see them :)

You know that you have a deep place in my heart as you were one of the very first people I met in this Vintage world - when you were so kind to me at Farm Chicks last year!! I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you more over the last year!!

Love all your scenic photos!! Have a wonderful summer!!! xo . . . liz
Maison Douce said…
Oh, my goodness, there's my little ol' booth!!! So glad you and your mom had the chance to come to the show, wasn't it magical??!!!! Can't wait to see what you found...
mimi charmante said…
I am so happy that I was finally able to meet you!!! I now have an actually vision of whom I am talking to~
I hope to see you again soon!
Laurie said…
Barn House was so much fun! I'm glad you made it and can't wait to hear about the 15 hour drive!
Anonymous said…
what fun you and mom had! I almost drool at the fabrics and cushions....smiles.
Cassie Shella said…
Wow what a great trip!! All that fabulous stuff to browse - looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing all of the really cool pictures.
Unknown said…
Oh you lucky, lucky girl...I have always wanted to go to one of their sales!!! Fabulous photos!!!

Hugs ~

:) T
Laurie said…
What a delightful place to go and enjoy such wonderful goodies! There is nothing like that here, which is sad but perhaps better for my budget! Glad you and your mom had a great trip.
Cobalt Violet said…
I wish I was there! How fantastically romantic!
Such beautiful treasures.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to hear more about the road trip. I am busy with my little I need to stay close to the nest right now.
Barn House said…
Hi Julie! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures and the very nice and kind words on our show. We are very happy that you came the distance and had a fun time. I really need to build up our infrastructure to make sure we have time to mingle more next year. :o)
Lisa said…
Oh am on my way to visit! What a great place you have out there! Beautiful and all the cool stuff you can look at and buy!! I cannot wait to see your new treasures!

Hugs, Lisa
Mélanie A. said…
Thank you for this wonderful tour. I wish i could fly everywhere in a minute to see all these beautiful barn sales .. Love the dresses and the details
Windy Ridge said…
Oh I missed out so bad!!! and it's only 20 minutes down the road from WR! I had the flyer and about closing time. lol
Oh my gosh julie! I t was so great to see you again too!!! Your photos are gorgeous, and I love the one of me and lissa, thanks!
Have a great day,
xoxoxo, Tiffany
Sister Patty said…
Julie, what a fabulous blog post!!! I am sooo impressed. You captured everything so perfectly! Thank you so much!

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