Sweden Hus....

Whilst working out in the nursery the other day, trimming flowers and pausing here and there to snap some photos...

I heard a sweet little chorus.

5 itty bitty babes were busy chirping away....inside The Little Red Shop's Swedish Opera Hus.

Here's papa swallow....heading out to fetch supper.  

Before too long...some birdie told me...this little violet-green family will be heading to South America for the winter!

Until then, The Little Red Shop has a new door man!

I hope ya'll are having a blessed & beautiful 4th of July weekend!

: )

Julie M.

ps  Later that evening, whilst heading toward the wee barn...I thought I saw Dabney Colman make a run for the far side of the building.  As I swiftly and quietly followed and turned the corner to see him....I realized it wasn't my barn kitty at all...but a big beautiful bunny!


Oh, how fun to have baby swallows and the daddy in your birdhouse! They have no idea what a gift they are giving, but we do! Enjoy them and that big bunny too!

Have a Wonderful 4th,
lindimity said…
Whilst watering the plants on my Mom's porch this morning I heard quite a chorus from the little swallows in her birdhouse. I counted three mouths (they do seem to be all mouth, don't they?). I love your new picture!
Thank you for your sweet comments! Linda, do you suppose our lil' swallows are discussing plans for the big fly down south whilst they're out bug collecting for their respective babes? Do swallows talk with food in their mouths? Hmmm.....

: )

Julie M.
Heidi said…
That little birdie seems to love that little house...cute post
Seizing My Day said…
be still my heart! I love the little red bird house... fun to see the birds come and go! ;)

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