03 July 2010

Sweden Hus....

Whilst working out in the nursery the other day, trimming flowers and pausing here and there to snap some photos...

I heard a sweet little chorus.

5 itty bitty babes were busy chirping away....inside The Little Red Shop's Swedish Opera Hus.

Here's papa swallow....heading out to fetch supper.  

Before too long...some birdie told me...this little violet-green family will be heading to South America for the winter!

Until then, The Little Red Shop has a new door man!

I hope ya'll are having a blessed & beautiful 4th of July weekend!

: )

Julie M.

ps  Later that evening, whilst heading toward the wee barn...I thought I saw Dabney Colman make a run for the far side of the building.  As I swiftly and quietly followed and turned the corner to see him....I realized it wasn't my barn kitty at all...but a big beautiful bunny!

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