07 July 2010

Petite Retreat!

A week or so ago my junkin' buddy Alice and I headed north to Camano Island, for Petite Retreat!

First stop...

Liz & Alice

...a sweet visit with Liz from Seabold Vintage Market,  where I bought a lovely roll of fabric for my family room.  Of course, I would've loved to snap up this beauty of a sofa with all of its yummy pillows too!!!

Next stop...

Aren't they fantastic!

I then caught up with Alice at Tippy Stockton...

and spent so much time visiting with Patricia that I neglected to take photos of her beautiful jewelry!!!  Alice spotted one piece in particular...that just HAD to go home with ME!  (and cost just about the price that Alice refused to receive for watching my puppycats whilst I was off on my Midwestern roadtrip!)

Thank you, Alice!

Happy belated birthday to ME!!!  (and thank you SO MUCH to everyone who left sweet birthday greetings!  It was such a joy reading them from the road!)

Now, would ya'll like to see a little Retreat?


Deb and her famous piano bar

Music could be heard....swinging from the rafters!

Oh, what fun!

So many lovely things!

You'll just have to wait and see which treasures I brought home!

Thank you Deb & Bob for putting on such a wonderful show!  We had such a terrific time visiting with ya'll!  

: )

Julie M.

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