Hurricane Ridge II

I certainly hadn't planned on visiting Hurricane Ridge a week ago Monday...but that's exactly where I ended...UP!





"Hello, Canada!!!!"

The Olympic Mountains

A couple of gals...including a ranger...said that it was just a short trip up to the ridge...a sight not to be missed.  Thinking it would be a lovely 1/2 hour drive through the scenic woods...I paid the $15.00 fee and headed up the road.

Within minutes...I was huddled forward...hugging the steering wheel like a little old lady...saying to myself, "DO NOT LOOK DOWN!!!"

You see,  the "lovely scenic drive" takes place on a 17 mile serpentine 2-lane road...on the face of a 5,200 foot mountain!!!!!

I'm sorry that I didn't stop and stand on the edge for catch some you could really get the drift of it.


I finally made it to the top!

Thank goodness they had this tiny little sidewalk...otherwise...the hills might be alive with the sound of...



Isn't it breathtaking?

It was truly lovely, and I was glad that I'd ventured up to the ridge...

and said hello to this lil' baby.

It got me to thinking... I was trying not to freak out over the thought of having to drive BACK DOWN THAT ROAD...on the side EVEN CLOSER to the EDGE OF DOOM....

There were several babies... lil' kids...and even a few ACTUAL little old ladies, or two...up there on the mountain.  They looked perfectly happy.


I was only 2 1/2 weeks old the last time I took the trip up Hurricane Ridge.... wonder I didn't remember!


I prayed.

I breathed.

I prayed and breathed some more.

I told myself I could drive back down....without actually driving OFF the mountain....

...and seeing the light...

So, I headed back wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.  I don't know if that had anything to do with the fact that there was hardly any traffic.  And...from quite a distance you could see if any cars were heading your way...and...of course, I primarily drove down the middle or the wrong side of the road!!!  

There were 3 tunnels.  Lights were mandatory in ' was not getting out in the middle of the road to stop and take pictures so there would't be windshield shadows showing...I thought it might not be the best time to stick my hand/camera out the skylight either...I'm sure you understand.  Oh, and by the way, National Park People, thank you so much for that itty bitty section of guard rail...I'm pretty sure it was the ONLY one I saw the entire way!!! : p


I made it!

So, where did I up and go the day before I up and decided to drive up the's a wee clue...just a lil' something I saw along the way....

....and yes...I did stick my arm out the skylight for this one!  (Oops...silly's not open!  I guess I pulled over and stood on the running board!  Ha!  What a gorgeous day!)

Lake Crescent

I hope ya'll are having a glorious week!  Where have the roads been leading you this summer?

: )

Julie M.

(Wow, thank you so much, everybody, for the sweet comments and for the movie tip!  I saw "The Long Long Trailer" when I was just a spring chicken....I'll have to check it out again!  I actually think about it every now and then...isn't that funny?  Lucille Ball was brilliant!)

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Alison Agnew said…
"...edge of doom..." tee hee. Actually, I have a little vertigo just looking at the photos of a place so high up in the clouds. Beautiful though!


How Beautiful! I am sure that it was worth that white-knuckle trip, but Oooh, scary!

Have you ever seen the movie "The Long, Long Trailer"? It is an old Lucy / Desi movie. You have to rent or buy it. There is a scene in that movie that you will be able to relate to. It is a Very cute movie.

Farmgirl Paints said…
Those pics don't even look real they are just TOO beautiful. Good for you for being brave. Look what the reward was. Just gorgeous!!
Jen said…
I love that place! It's on my list of places to go and take pictures. Never been there myself but have seen many people's photo journals. Thank you for inspiring me again to go see it! Maybe we could go together if you'd brave the twisty-windy part again?
Jen said…
Oh, and by the way, LOVE YOU and LOVE THIS BLOG! :)
Junebug Furniture and Design said…
Lovely Photos! Love how funny you made your scary trip! I do agree, you must rent Lucy & Ricky's Long Long Trailer! xoxo Glad & Celia/Junebug Designs
Cassie Shella said…
Those are just breath taking pictures! Very worth the drive up there. Thanks so much for sharing them. Those would make beautiful note cards, have a Blessed week...
Ann said…
Your pictures are so striking! The scenery is breathtaking. We've never been to this part of the country. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I'm now a follower.

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