11 June 2010

The Farm Chicks Show & Today's Country Store...

While I give my mind a rest from trying to figure out where to begin telling you about the Farm Chicks Show....I thought I'd let a few pictures speak for themselves.

It was lovely seeing Kris & Amy of Today's Country Store again.  Their beautiful shop is located in historic Sumner, Washington. 

If antiques, bungalow siting, and lunching with friends is your cup of tea...then you'd best head on down to this cool little 'burb located south of Seattle...just a hop, skip and a traffic jam from Ikea.

Oops...I didn't edit the water bottle and cup out of this shot...but it's the real deal.  Shopgirls get thirsty too!  That's how I became a complete and utter Diet Cokeaholic.  But it's all good, I've been fizz-free for, what..3 1/2 years?

Did I just write that out loud?  Hmmm......


What a cute set of drawers...


this sweet little mug ~ well, it's getting a little peace & quiet.

I hope you are too!

More scoop from the show...coming soon!

: )

Julie M.

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