The Farm Chicks Show & Today's Country Store...

While I give my mind a rest from trying to figure out where to begin telling you about the Farm Chicks Show....I thought I'd let a few pictures speak for themselves.

It was lovely seeing Kris & Amy of Today's Country Store again.  Their beautiful shop is located in historic Sumner, Washington. 

If antiques, bungalow siting, and lunching with friends is your cup of tea...then you'd best head on down to this cool little 'burb located south of Seattle...just a hop, skip and a traffic jam from Ikea.

Oops...I didn't edit the water bottle and cup out of this shot...but it's the real deal.  Shopgirls get thirsty too!  That's how I became a complete and utter Diet Cokeaholic.  But it's all good, I've been fizz-free for, what..3 1/2 years?

Did I just write that out loud?  Hmmm......


What a cute set of drawers...


this sweet little mug ~ well, it's getting a little peace & quiet.

I hope you are too!

More scoop from the show...coming soon!

: )

Julie M.


Stacey said…
Just doing a bit of blog hopping and found your site- Your banner is wonderful! I just love it:) Hope you have a great day!
Ms. Bake-it said…
Oh what fabulous pictures Julie! I love the cute little drawers and aqua cabinet.

~ Tracy
Jen said…
Looks like a dreamy wander through amazing treasures! I'm so glad you had a great time and I can't wait to see more pictures! Love you!
Farmgirl Paints said…
Those aprons the girls are wearing are so cute. I want one:)

I can't believe you were frizz free for 3 1/2 years. WOW! I'm back on soda too. It can't be that bad for you right?? When I stopped...the cravings for it NEVER did. My body must need it;)
Aren't they fun! The gals were reworking one of their displays after throngs of eager shoppers came was still the first day and they were busy restocking...and refrocking...that mannequin.

Becky, I'm still on the wagon! : ) The Lord has really blessed me in the cravings department. Peppermint iced tea worked wonders in the early days.

Have a beautiful weekend!

: )

Julie M.
Seizing My Day said…
Next year I have to go!! I just have to!! ;) I love that little white umbrella ~ and those ladies are havin way to much fun ~ makes a girl want to go junk shoppin!
Anonymous said…
I feel as if I have really missed out! I wish Farm Chics would do a Nor-Cal show! Love your blog...Marcia
Anonymous said…
I need to make a trip south of the border sometime....too bad I need a dang passport! I remember when all that was passe' and they would just wave you through!!
Julie, how sweet of you to feature our booth! Your pictures look so much better than mine! I REALLY need to dump my little $99 camera and move up to the real photog world! What kind of camera do you use?
Well it was so so nice to get to chat with you, we actually took a little trip thru Cle-elum on the way home and I showed the girls my old stompin grounds. (did I ever tell you that I lived there?)
Come see us soon, the TAg Sale is June 26th and we have some AWESOME stuff at great deals!
p.s. I will link your blog so people can check out your beautiful photos!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had so much fun! smiles!
kasey said…
fizz free? good for you Julie....
now...what if they start putting fiz in wine?
uh oh!
great photos.
Unknown said…
Hi Julie . . . sooo wish I would have run into you at Farm Chicks on Sunday!!! Love the photos of "Todays Country Store"!! Those girls are always having such a blast!! I also thought the comment about the diet cokes was very funny!! :) hope to see you sometime out and about!! . . . :) liz

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