20 June 2010

The Farm Chicks Show ~ Day 1

I don't know how to explain to you how crazy it is...attending something as wonderful as the Farm Chicks Show...when you live in blogland.  It's not like stopping by your local Art Festival on a sunny summer afternoon, where you'll find...random people...macramé...and "oil paintings."  

Oh, no....at amazing events like the Farm Chicks Show...lovely treasures lurk around each and every corner, and people you know...who you don't REALLY know...though you "talk" with them almost daily...pop up, camera in hand, to say "hello!"  Did you get that???  Imagine having someone you know standing right next to you...but you don't even know it because you have never really met them...in real life...until now.  

Case in point:  Several blog friends and lovely new acquaintances sent me emails, tweets, and facebook notes while I was on the road...on my way to the show.  It was great fun knowing that I would be bumping into a few friendly, if not yet familiar, faces...which included those of wonderful and amazingly sweet vendors!


I had a lovely visit with Isabel, from Maison Douce.

It was whilst visiting Isabel's beautiful booth...

...that I looked right beside me and recognized a new little "do"...

Sure enough, it was Jen from Sanctuary Art...(isn't her necklace fantastic!)...who was shopping w/ Tara...who paused for a hug (per Becky's request)...before snapping this photo.  Their travel buddy, Tracey, they chimed in...was just a few booths away...

Just around the corner and a moment later...

I had a wonderful visit with Deb!

Once again,  the Retreat booth was not to be missed (and Petite Retreat is coming up next weekend!!!)

What a stunner! 

Another gal thought so too...

...but I'm getting ahead of myself...

(and yes, Jen, I cropped myself out of this pretty picture of you and your lil' sweetie!)

Jen and Lil' Hazel from The Chronicles of Windy Ridge


Jen tweeted from the south as I twittered from the east...on our crazy road trips to the show!  

Oh, what fun!

Now, remember the gal who was busily snapping away...back in Deb's booth?

I couldn't see her face...

...but I knew it, I just knew....

...it was Tracey, from French Larkspur!  Sanctuary Art Jen snapped our photo....right after she wrapped up her appearance on "Retreat, the Debi Ward Kennedy Show."


Just kidding!  But wouldn't this make a great t.v. set?  

: )

More scoop from the show...coming soon!

I believe this little vignette is from Junebug.  If ya'll recognize any other vendor's fantabulous treasures in my photos...please let me know!

Thank you!

Have a gorgeous week!

: )

Julie M.

ps  Due to the crazy nature and crowds at the show (and my lack o' skill) some photos may appear a tad fuzzy. 

pps  Please hop on over and visit Rhoda, of Southern Hospitality, for another round of Thrifty Treasures!

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