Playing House...

I went for a drive with the Wonder Twins today through some wonderful old tree-lined neighborhoods.

Doesn't this remind you of a little Playskool dollhouse?

: )

Have a sweet Memorial weekend!

Julie M.

ps  I took a bunch of lovely house pictures....but I have to go pack for Nebraska.  I'll take YOU on the tour...another day!  


Linda Ruthie said…
I want to be on that tour! This house is adorable and I see what you mean about the Playskool house. LOL! Enjoy your trip.
love the new look to your blog...and love love love that house. i love wondering what goes on in peoples homes and how they furnish such pretty 'shells'.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a "Leave it to Beaver" house....smiles.
Seizing My Day said…
*sigh* love it~ SO leave it to Beaver! Ellen you are smart!

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