The Road Home...

Just in case ya'll saw last week's Outdoor Wednesday post and thought...

"Poor Julie..."

"...she doesn't have any trees!"

I thought I'd let you know that it's all good.  Though it isn't unusual to have a tumbleweed cross your path as you drive through town, life is beautiful up here in the toolies.

We do have trees!


Windy Roads

Railroad Tracks

Old Trucks

New Trucks

Fluffy Clouds

Fly-Fishing Holes

This is the road...


I hope you're having a beautiful week!

: )

Julie M.

pps  I shot the photo of the crows perched on top of my neighbor's tree from one of the lil' windows behind the desk where I blog!


Kelly Ann said…
Thanks for the road trip...
The colors just seem more vivid there.
I felt a calmness of spirit as I traveled along.
Mama Bear
Looks like a gorgeous place to live!
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens
Farmgirl Paints said…
Ummm where do you live? That is BEA-U-TI-FUL. Seriously gorgeous pics!!!
LV said…
From all the lovely scenery you shared today, you are not lacking for anything. Beautiful country.
Lisa said…
Oh you live in a truly beautiful place!! Enjoy and thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa
So pretty! Looks like a lovely place to live.
joanna said…
Paradise Found!

Lovely pics for Out Door Wednesday,

Unknown said…
You certainly do have trees...just beautiful!!! It ALL looks beautiful where you live! Great photos Julie!!

Hugs ~

:) T
Ms. Bake-it said…
What a beautiful place you live in. Great photos! Not feeling sorry for you, but maybe just smidge envious! Every now and then I miss mountains.

~ Tracy
Jenn said…
What area of Washington are you in??! =) I am guessing somewhere between central and the coast?!
Looks beautiful no matter which direction you look!

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