Johnny's Jump-Ups & Little Beau Peep...


I hope ya'll are having a lovely week.  It's been beautiful outside for the last couple of days.  So, I thought you might enjoy seeing how Johnny's jump-ups are doing!

Aren't they sweet?

God is so good!

Peep had another visit with the vet today.  She has a little fever and hasn't been eating much for the last few days.  Dr. Val, Dr. Fred's daughter and partner in practice, was the one who treated Peep on her first two visits for her injuries.  This afternoon, she kept looking at Peep's lil' ear/cheek and saying, "WOW....WOW!!!" in astonishment at how well she is healing.  I told her that people all over the world have been praying for Peep.  

Thank you so much!  

She still needs your prayers...for the continued healing of her ear/cheek, for a miracle with her left eye...which she can't blink..and (READER WARNING) she is going to lose at least a couple of inches off the end of her lil' tail.  We are praying that it will happen naturally and cleanly.  She has already lost the lower portion of her left ear and more.  : (  But, as sweet as ever...she never complains, nips or scratches.  She is a dream...the most patient of patients.  I am just so sorry that she was attacked...but God has been so good in giving me the strength to take care of her.


Peep's in my room for the night.  She's all snuggled up in her pink princess bed....purring away...

Thank you again for your continued prayers!

 I hope ya'll have a blessed weekend!  

: )

Peep & Julie M.


Pearl said…
Yay! That's so good to hear! I've definitely been praying!! <3
Unknown said…
the flowers look great and I will surely keep peeps in my thoughts poor sweety kitty...Mica/The Child's Paper
Oh yes!So glad to hear this good news about Peep. I'll keep on praying for her,she's so sweet.
Dear Julie,
I am so happy to hear this good news about Peep!
I'll keep on praying for her, she's so sweet,
Kelly Ann said…
poor little peepers...but sounds like she's worked her way from the porch to the bedroom....yep, she knows what she's doing..
Anonymous said…
Big Prayers.....smiles.
Lisa said…
Love your flowers! You know they really handle this kind of thing so well. Heck even loosing an ear or limb and they are up and going just great in a week! Her tail will be fine. Sorry she cannot blink her eye! I hope it heals better along the way!
Hugs, Lisa
Jenn said…
Wonderful that she is still healing and getting a little better! Sorry to hear about her tail... poor baby! Glad she appears content in her circumstances... if that is the right way to put it!

I can't stop thinking about what happened to our sweet Nelly... my thoughts can be so horrible ~ I wish I had closure ~ seems better than the torture I allow in my head! =(

well aren't I cheery! sorry! =)

Hope you enjoy the sunny weather this weekend!
Michelle Palmer said…
Such a sweet furry friend~ :)
Beautiful Johnny Jump-Ups! Hope you have a wonderful weekend~
Ann said…
Hi Julie~
Just said another prayer for You and for Peep.
God Is Good!
The Tattered Tassel

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