02 May 2010

Estate Finds from Barn & Bungalow...

When last you saw my little breakfast hutch, it was looking pretty empty and y'all said you just couldn't wait to see it full of treasures.


Well, your wait is over!

Ooops...wrong direction..okay...wait...


Here it is!

Would you like a closer look?


The French Cristal d'Arques ~ Verre à Pied goblets are from the barn estate sale I attended a couple of weeks ago.  I bought a set of 10 for $10.  They had larger goblets and stemmed dessert dishes too...but it was late in the day (I was the last customer) and the gal wanted twice as much for them...even tho' she was going to mark them for $1.00 each first thing in the morning.  They were really pretty...but not in my budget for that day.

The silver plate English tea box was a gift from my oldest friend, Cameron...(friends from birth...not "OLD" old : )  Thank you, Cam!  It holds tea strainers and such...

I found the spicey yellow box at GW the week of the barn sale for about $2.99.  I had initially thought of painting it for the shop...but fell for it just as it is...in my own kitchen!  Doesn't it look swell with the Cattern Cakes and Old Lace book?  It was a gift from my paternal grandmother back in 1992.  By Julia Jones & Barbara Deer, it is "An enchanting twelve-month calendar of traditional {British} festivals and feast days, and the foods, folklore and handicrafts associated with them."

May's events include...

May Day



Oak Apple Day

If you'd like to fix some gooseberry pudding or plum duff...you know who to call.

I've had the English "Vienna Woods Designs" tray for several years.  It..and the "Home Made Ginger" tin, which I found quite recently, were both thrifty finds.

Are you ready for this?  The Toledo scale came with the bungalow my mom and I rescued and moved.  It was buried amongst the goodies and garbage in the cellar. (Rest assured...I disinfected the dickens out of it!)  I had hoped to find the tray...but no luck...a stack of black-banded "Ultima" dessert bowls are in its place.  I bought them barn sale weekend at my local thrift store...along with the cool vintage baking tin.

The two teacups are part of my Johnson Bros/ Myott Meakin collection.

Would you like to see what else I've found?

The set of crocheted lace-trimmed cotton napkins in the vintage egg basket are on loan from The Little Red Shop for the shoot.  (The basket was a thrifty find and is part of my personal collection.)

These lovely "Midwinter" Staffordshire jam pots were last minute barn sale finds and were covered in schmutz.  I bought the 7 piece set (stand, pots, lids, & spoons) for $2.00.  Mhmmm! 

The plate is Langenthal...I'll explain more on that later...

The wee bone china jam pot is ~ "Edwardian Kitchen Garden," by Ainsley...and may have cost under $2.00.

The lil' Victorian greeting card is from The Gifted Line..and can be found in my shop!

Now, for the stack...

The serving bowl & dessert plates and bowls are Knowles, "Juanita."  I believe I paid about $5.00 for the set at a garage sale last summer.

The bone china teacup is by Radfords ~ Garage sale last weekend ~ More schmutz ~ 25 cents!

Isn't it sweet!

The saucers are from Austria, Bavaria...and Limoges.  The weeist gold-rimmed dishes are from my paternal grandparents' collection.  Years before my grandma passed, she set the dining table full of dishes and told us to take what we wanted (in an assigned order).  I have a lovely collection of complete tea cup and saucer sets from that day...but they're still packed up in storage...due to the on-going house restoration projects.

Oh, hello!

This sweet little vintage ceramic vase and its twin just stopped in for a wee visit.  They belong out in The Little Red Shop too...well, for now..that is!

I have a set of three teacups & saucers found on sale at Hallmark years ago...

"Friendship is a blend of caring, sharing, and warmth."

The two rose centered (not visible) green rim detailed saucers are from Taylor, Smith & Taylor.

When I was just about done with the new display on my wee hutch...I couldn't help but feel that something was missing.  I knew exactly what I wanted and I searched high and low for it....in literally 16 places!  I knew where it was...but not in which card/photo box it would be found...

Ahhh....then I found it...in my Christmas card box! 

 This postcard is a souvenir from one of the many happy birthdays my brothers and I spent at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor with all of our friends.

Speaking of birthdays...

I found this perfect Langenthal teapot at the Salvation Army in Sumner a few years ago.  It's from Switzerland, and so pretty...that I bought a few of its matching teacups and saucers.  Then my mama stealthily went back to the shop and bought several of the dinner and desserts plates for me as a birthday surprise.  

What fun!  

Oh, and guess what else....

The lovely ironstone plate behind the teapot is from Syracuse.  I found it when the local antique mall was still a thrift store.  More schmutz ~ 39 cents!!

I found more treasures in the barn & bungalow...but they'll keep for another day!

On my next kitchen post....I'll share the nitty gritty before & after pictures of my lil' breakfast corner project...

From Yuck to Yum!!! 

In the meantime, I'm off to have another sip of tea (Honey Chamomile)....out of my "Rabbitz Howse" Winnie the Pooh mug.  I bought it with a Disney Store gift card my paternal grandma gave me...when I was twenty-something.  I love it!

If you have any questions about items from The Little Red Shop, please send me a note!

Thank you!

I hope that you had a dreamy weekend!

: )

Julie M.

ps  You can read more about my little breakfast hutch (and previously mentioned treasures shown in this post) by clicking on Ma Cuisine.

pps  I'm joining Rhoda and Susan for Thrifty Treasures and Metamorphosis Monday!

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