Barn & Bungalow ~ Deleted Scene

Those of you who have been faithfully following Ma Cuisine, may have noticed that I neglected to comment on a certain little scene in my barn & bungalow estate sale post.

Do you want to know why?

I thought it was too phoofy.  

Though I like the individual pieces, putting them together to add a little something next to my breakfast hutch was well, as far as I see it...a bad idea.

It's just too much.

The embossed bucket came from Seattle's Fremont Flea Market a few years ago.  It was the end of the day, and a guy almost backed into a booth with his car whilst its vendor was closing up shop.  I helped pick up some of the scattered pieces...and the gal kindly gave me the unharmed bucket!  I borrowed it from my room for this ill-conceived shot.

I think the little bread plates are sweet...but too small for the scene.  They are from Poland.  I wrote down the brand...but it's not within arms' reach and I'm all snuggled up on the couch with a snoring cat using the back of my head for a pillow.

I bought the wee plates and 4 fancy gold tumblers for my shop.

My brother was kind enough to choose a restaurant for his birthday dinner last month...smack dab in the middle of a thrifters triangle.  I had second thoughts about the glasses before buying them....but now, I absolutely LOVE them.  Even without tea lights, they beautifully capture light.

They're out in the shop now...along with the pretty white plates.  I had so much fun decorating this afternoon, that I'm looking forward to going back out tomorrow, (rather than being overwhelmed with all the work there is to do!)

I'll share pictures of the wee shop...someday...hopefully soon!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

: )

Julie M.


i have been so busy with my little life that i havent had a chance to visit in a while...i think it all looks great but you are the one that has to like it as it is in your home.
how lucky to be gifted that bucket! we have an old rusty one that we use as an umbrella stand...very handy for the long unberallas not so good for the short ones:)
cant wait to see pics of the shop.
chris said…
Julie, those glasses remind me of some of the glassware my grandparents had. Unfortunately I don't have any of it. By the time I knew what they had and what I could have inherited,They had long since pared down from the big ranch. *sigh* But at least I have fine bloggy friends to give me warm memories of times past.

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you, Rosey! Are you referring to the milk can? That was my dad's, (I have a set of two)...but I guess you could say that they were also "gifted" to me! : ) The little embossed cream bucket is the one that was free from the vendor. It's the perfect size for short umbrellas! : ) Thank you for stopping by for a visit!
Farmgirl Paints said…
Those glasses are beautiful. Too bad they are gone. Doesn't that make you a little sad??
Alison Agnew said…
Julie-those glasses are so glam. Luv luv.

And my new word of the day?



Lisa said…
I do so love it all! Thanks for sharing!
Anne Lorys said…
Hi Julie!
Your little breakfast hutch looks just fantastic.

And those glasses...WOW! Gorgeous!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Hi guys,
I just want to clarify that the four phoofy gold tumbler glasses are available for individual sale in The Little Red Shop..(my wee "brick & mortar" boutique)'s not set up online yet...but I do have Paypal...if ya'll can't live without them! Just let me know.

: )

Julie M.
Those glasses are stunning! You should have no problem selling those! (:
Anonymous said…
How cute is your little red shop!

nice to meet you!

ciao bella
creative carmelina
Barbara Jean said…
Been strolling through your place here. Lovely pics, and very enjoyable.

back to visit another time.

Oh, thanks for coming by my place and leaving such a nice comment.


barbara jean

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