Prayers for Peep...

Will you please pray for my dear sweet barn kitty, Peep?

I found her a week ago, last Thursday, after several days missing.  She was having a bathe in the corner of the nursery.  I had headed out to the shop to work on a couple of projects...but thought I should give another look for her in front of the bungalow first.  And there she was nestled on top of a small (dry) grassy mound.  She didn't look over when I called out to her....nor did she peep, she just went on bathing her tail.

That was odd.

She had been attacked by another wee creature and had a pretty bad looking injury to her lower left ear and had several bites to her tail.  I took her to the vet....who, praise the Lord, was able to fit her right in at the very end of the day (just after I'd found her).  After taking care of her for a week (in her very own apartment...aka the enclosed front porch), watching her eat well and become more herself again (herself with a horrible wound on the side of her head), I took her in for a follow-up on Thursday.  The vet and staff were quite pleased with her progress and prescribed another course of medicine.

Peep's not looking so well tonight.  

My mom, who is an RN, feels unsteady about how she's doing.

Will you please pray for my sweet lil' Peep?  She is really just the nicest little kitty.


Thank you!

 : (

Julie M.

Saturday Afternoon Update:

Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet comments.  As of this morning, Peep was up eating, wanting way!...and giving lots of loves.  She's snuggled up in her bed now, having some rest.


Blessings of healing for little peep! ♥
Oh, poor Kitty. She is soooo cute! I love her leg warmers look. I really hope that she heals well and starts to feel better soon! I will say a prayer for her.
Oregonsun said…
I have prayed for your dear little kitty. I know ours was extremely ill last year, couldn't walk, eat. A real mess. After enough vet trips she is quite the little lady now. Blessings.
Are her wounds open? You could douse them with peroxide every couple of hours and put on Polysporin. I had to do that with my cat and her wound was so deep you could see the bone in her tail. The wound was the size of a toonie. It took 2 wks before she would come out from under the bed on her own. She was so anemic...her tongue was white, that was 6 years ago. I will pray for little peeps
Veronica said…
Poor Peeps. I hope she pulls out of it. I know what it is like having a cat in that condition. Stay strong.
AtOneWithHim said…
Oh yes I sure will pray for that sweet kidden. I hope everything turns out ok.
Ann said…
Hi Julie,
I just read your blog, Saturday afternoon, and have already said a prayer for Peep and for You. :) God is wonderful and I know he hears our prayers. I'll check back for another update soon.
Kelley B said…
I'll be praying for your sweet kitty's healing. Your blog is just preciouse. I really enjoy your music and would love a post about your favorites.
How's Peep doing today? I am worried about her.....
Kelly Ann said…
Thanks for the update...keep us posted...
Lisa said…
Loads of prayers headed her way!!
Hugs, Lisa ♥

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