The Peep Report...

Thank you so much to everyone for your concern and prayers for Peep!

She's had another good day!  She spent most of her time relaxing on the welcome mat (which is where she is now), looking out the windows from her perch on a steamer trunk...or snuggled up in her bed.  It was a cool and beautiful day.  She's still eating well.  Her tail doesn't seem to be bothering her as much anymore, in fact, if it weren't for its mid-length shaving and the apricot sized sadness of her cheek and the edge of her left might not know that anything is wrong.  Her cheek and lower ear damage is severe and I'm not sure how it's going to heal.  Will you please pray that her wee little body will heal back into its proper place.  She will most likely need some reconstructive help from the vet.  Yet, she still doesn't complain.  She gives loves constantly and wanted to investigate inside the main front door today.  Lord willing, she'll be my second retired barn kitty.  Ol' Bud is currently zonked out...sprawled on a pillow on the couch.  

Thank you again for your prayers!  

Peep definitely needs them.

: )

Julie M.

ps  I haven't forgotten that ya'll have asked to see the treasures I found at that barn estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  I have the pictures ready...things have just been nuttier than a two-legged mule around my neck of the woods.  


Thank you for following The Little Red Shop!

  I read and appreciate each and every one of your sweet emails and comments.  I'm just a wee (way) behind in my blog rounds.  



Hello Julie,
I am new to your blog.
Poor little kitty, I really hope and I am sure she will get better and better every day.Be sure!
You know,we have a cat who looks exactly like Peep, her name is Trilly (which is the Italian name for Thinkerbell!).Have a good day and give a big kiss to Peep.Francesca
Angela said…
I love the pic of her face. Those eyes make my heart melt.
Laurie said…
Oh, Julie, I will certainly pray for Peep's full recovery, and I am sure she is enjoying her pampering! I, too, have been away from blogging for a few days, so I am just getting caught up and read your tale of Peep's misfortune. Give her a hug for me!
Lisa said…
So sorry about your Peeps! I think she will be ok. They really do well. If she is on antibiotics she shoudl do great. Even if she doesn't heal back they way she was she will be happy anyway. :) They really do bounce back. Eating and resting are the only way to go!
Hugs and prayers! Lisa♥
Jenn said…
She is a beautiful kitty! it is amazing how they steal our hearts! I am glad for you that she is doing better!! I pray she heals well and becomes herself soon! Our kitty Nelly went missing 3 weeks ago... breaks my heart! =( I have lost hope for miracles at this point! anyway... I understand your worry! =)

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