29 April 2010

The Cowboy Scoop...


The Wyoming Short Film Contest...


Congratulations, Patrick!

Patrick Mignano as "Lucius Blackledge" and Rob Story as "Howard Prescott"

All right, I know I said I'd be posting about the barn estate sale treasures now...but they will have to wait for another day.  No worries, I have an endless supply of ol' things to share to fill your junkin' fix.  But, you'll just have to hold your horses, 'cause I'm heading 1/2 way to Oregon first thing in the morning (I'll be doing a little treasure hunting with my friend Alice) and one of my old movie buddies is on a deadline.

So, here's the cowboy scoop...

If you're a major movie-watching geek like I am, then you've probably seen my friend Patrick's work as a Location Manager.  So, when it came time for him to produce (and write, direct, and star in!) a Western set in 1881, for the Wyoming Short Film Contest, you'd better believe he knew where to shoot...

...in and around his own "backyard" ~ Cody, Wyoming

Isn't it breathtaking?
(and how cute is this green dresser!)

Click here to read Patrick's two-part blog post about his 18 minute short film.

To view "Absaroka" and to learn more about the Wyoming Short Film Contest, just click here!

Public voting is now closed.  

Thank you to everyone who viewed and voted for "Absaroka!"

If you've yet to see it...enjoy the film!

: )

Julie M.

All Absaroka photos ~ Patrick Mignano

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