Saint Patrick's Outdoor Wednesday!

Please don't pinch the Julie.

I'm Irish.

My mom's 3rd paternal great grandfather, Benjamin, was born in Ireland in 1788 and passed away in Mason, Illinois in 1845.  So, as far as my parents' names are concerned...I'm maternally Irish and paternally Swedish.  (and I just realized that I'm talking to you all...out loud...writing this post using a fine brogue...go figure that.)

So, do I have to wear green today?

: )

Are you?

I wish you all a lovely Saint Patrick's Day, but I think you might be wondering..."What exactly does this post have to do with Outdoor Wednesday."

Well, I'll tell ya.

It's still looking mighty brown around these, I thought I'd share a little green from year's past with honor of what's soon to come.

(Now, I just visualized the hunky, wavy-haired  guy in the lush glade...wearing the cable knit sweater with a big smile...and a bar of soap.  Didn't you???)

A sweet surprise... 



and a wee bit of gold.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone...and Happy 62nd Outdoor Wednesday!  

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Thank you!

Best wishes!

: )

Julie M.


Christy Amular said…
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
'tis a fine brogue indeed, sweet lass, that I be enjoyin' as I visit this St. Patrick's Day!
I have a teeny bit of Irish in me from a firey woman names Joressia on my Dad's side. I've got plenty of German heritage, though, the weigh that out, so I've never really noticed St, Patrick's Day. Hope you have a great one!
Farmgirl Paints said…
It's coming...the green that is:) Happy St. Patty's day to ya!
Anonymous said…
Oh , I just read your Johnny Cash Cat brought tears to my eyes...for you loss, because we too had a cat named Larry...he rode my son's skateboard, fetched, was so charming. my son wanted him to go outside like the other cats and one fine morning I called and called him. he didnt come. he got hit by a car. my son was devastated beyond comprehension...

Now he has a new cat....who looks just like your Johnny Cash. Even the white spot on the nose.

I really really really believe the Lord brought you those Johnny jump ups. But the whole post has made me really sad. I lOVE CATS.
she dreams big! said…
Top o' the mornin to ya Julie! Erin go braugh! That's all the Irish I know (I'm Norwegian - uffda!) but I wish you a Happy St Patty's Day!
Bethany said…
Am I related to this grandfather Benjamim?
Alison Agnew said…
Top O' the mornin' to ya! (she said with her best irish accent) I have tulip envy! Thanks for stopping by my blogs yesterday and leaving the kind comments Julie. You are appreciated!

Regina said…
Wonderful outdoor!
Great photos.
Fifi Flowers said…
J'adore tulips and the bunny is precious!
Ms. Bake-it said…
Top o' the mornin to ya Julie! Great photos! Love the bunny. Although I am half Italian and half Irish, I seem to embrace the Italian heritage the most. BUT I did wear my fresh green shamrocks yesterday!

~ Tracy
Love your tulip shots and that spotted bunny is too cute.

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