A New Magnum P.I.?

I know that some of you love Chuck!

When I saw these pictures last night, I just couldn't help but think that Zachary Levi would make an AWESOME new Magnum P.I.!

What do you think?


If your Netflix list is looking a little sad, and you're not familiar with Zachary LeviChuckAwesome, and/or Magnum P.I. , just click on the links.  You can also catch all new episodes of certain programs on IMDB (The Internet Movie Database).  IMDB and Netflix are wonderful resources (who are not paying or compensating me).

I just think they're swell.

Oh, and Chuck is on Monday nights...8/7c

Happy Saturday, everyone!

: )

Julie M.

5 hours later...

  This just in:  I'm busy doing my weekend cleaning and organizing around the house...while Divine Design is playing in the background...and lo and behold...whilst they are busy decorating on the show...their music sounds just like it was inspired by the Magnum P.I. theme song!  Ha!


Farmgirl Paints said…
Our only video store just closed. WE need to look into netflix. What a cutie he is:)
Jen said…
Mr. Levi is so yummily adorable! And Chuck? Definitely a favorite. Any show with a character named "Awesome" has got to be, well, awesome! I'm still routing for Chuck and Sarah. :)
Lisa said…
He is cute! I keep missing Chuck. I have seen one or two episodes. It must come on opposite something else I watch. I do enjoy it though!
Hugs, Lisa
Debbie said…
Hot, new Magnum or not:)!!~
Beth Dunn said…
Happy Socialite Sunday! And Oscars too. xoxo

Debbie said…
Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it, I am getting some awesome feedback!!~
Jeanneoli said…
We LOVE Chuck!!! He actually looks great in a mustache:-)
Christina said…
I have never seen Chuck, but I think that if I did I would be hooked forever.
The reason I came over here is because of your comment on Farmgirl Paints, about your dad being the tooth fairy. I'm still laughing, like out loud, at that story. I can just hear him, like you said, in a high-pitched voice trying to tell you he was a fairy. It's sooo funny. I must really have needed to laugh, so thank you for that! It was a timely story. :)
нαρρу ωσмαи'ѕ dαу тσ αℓℓ нєяє =D
Tracey said…
Well I definitely remember Magnum PI, but sadly, I am very out of touch with tv and movies these days...just so busy lately and somethings just got to give!

Hope you're doing good Julie!

:) T
Lissa said…
do we have magnum pi on the brain julie?? You crack me up!

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