23 March 2010

Ma Cuisine, Week II ~ The Little Hutch and 100th Follower Giveaway!

On one of my first visits to my friend Thelma's antique shop, I had my name put on the back of a lovely cupboard which her dear sister, Penny, used to display linens.  Years past, and the day finally came when it was time for me to pick up my new hutch.

This isn't it.

This is the little hutch which Penny and her husband John were wheeling into the shop...to fill the void left by the linen cupboard...which was already loaded in their rig... about to head to my home.

Just as they placed the maple lovely in its niche and stood back and looked at their progress...I saw it and said, 


"I'll take that one too."

(Like The Little Big Hutch, it was solid maple...so they were asking $75 for it)


unlike the little big hutch...

I actually took some "before" pictures...well, at least of the bottom half...

Like this one...

The side had a zig zag of scratches...I had to patch those...but I'll be getting into the nitty gritty details of my kitchen makeover...another day.

So, once again,

in the meantime....

...here's my little breakfast hutch.

It sits just across the doorway to the family room...from the little big hutch.

a closer look

Just a little cleaning, sanding, prepping, staining, priming, semi-glossing, waxing, buffing...and here she is!  I changed the wooden knobs out for some thrifty finds.  

The milk can was my daddy's...in fact, I have a matching pair.  He kept cat food in them when I was little.  Well...for all I know there might still be cat food in em'.  We plopped a couple of cushions on top and used them for extra seating during his 50th birthday party in 1991...and haven't been able to open em' since...

: p


See that red box on top of the can?

Yeah, it's fully loaded.  Sara, you should love this...

It's an old ammo box...a thrifty find which I found for about $3.99 and filled with milk bottles from the bungalow my mom and I rescued and moved.  I've yet to clean the bottle tops I found elsewhere in the cellar...so, some Kitchenaid replacement parts are doing the trick for now.  

They fit perfectly.

Quite a few $3.99 finds can be found here....

The pitcher ~ GW

Espresso Cups ~ Starbucks
(not including the lids...that's another story)

The Chantal teapot on the right was a lovely Christmas gift this year.  (Thank you Ari and Jeannie!)

I found a friend for it...the teapot on the left ~ The Salvation Army  


The red rimmed canister set ~ I can't remember where I bought it..but I love it.  I use the tins to store various flavors and brands of protein bars, tea, cocoa, wassail, and mulling spices.  Mmmmm...

I found the sweet vintage candles at an estate sale down the road.

The fruit bowl ~ Starbucks $39.95

I got it for $3.99

: )

I inherited the Swedish clock from my grandparents...

...along with this little hand-painted plaque...which is also from Sweden, via Daytons.

The original price sticker is still attached to the back.  It was around $1.14.

Fringey plaid tote ~ GW 25 cents

I found the pup apron last summer at an estate sale up the hill.  I bought the little dotted one the other day from an octogenarian who used to own a tea room.  She said that she is 25th in line to the throne of her Scottish clan.  One of my great great grandfathers shares her maiden name...so, that's fun.


...what else....

Did I forget anything?

Would you like to know where the top of the hutch was when that "before" picture was taken?

It was on loan to The Little Red Shop

After a mad fit of inspiration one night...(pre kitchen make-over)...I painted the top and used it for a wee soda fountain display.

A set of Rosanna Sweet Dreams Ice Cream bowls...just like the ones in the lower left-hand corner, will be headed to Pennsylvania soon.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and left such sweet comments!!!


What's next?

Did you notice the set of milkshake glasses up in that picture from the shop?

I'm having a 100th Follower Giveaway in honor of ya'll!  I appreciate you so much!!!  The winner will receive one boxed set of 4 Rosanna Soda Fountain Milkshake Glasses!

The inside of each glass is a different color!





Just in time for Spring!

Now, since this is a giveaway to celebrate reaching my 100th follower...

...you must be a public follower to enter.

old or new

: )

Here's the scoop...

1.  To become a follower of my blog...you can find the link in the sidebar.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

2.  Leave a comment under this "100th Follower Post."

3.  You will receive more chances to win if you link back to my blog post about this giveaway with a post on your own blog, Twitter, or Facebook.  Then please come back and let me know about your link.  

This giveaway ended on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at midnight pacific time.  I'll be announcing the winner soon!

Thank you!!!

Click here to read last week's post about the little big hutch.

: )

Julie M.

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