Le mauvais rêve et un beau rêve

"Biondina" 1879, By Lord Frederick Leighton, United Kingdom

Do you ever have that dream, you know, the one where it's the last day of class...it's time for finals...term papers are due and you haven't been to class since the first day?  I have that dream on a semi-regular basis.  For me it's generally French and Art History that I've missed...for reasons based in reality which I will probably explain someday.  I recently had that dream again...and I know why.  

My lil' red blog is now one year old....

and I have endless projects and pictures which I've yet to share with you!

Thank you so much for your sweetness and your patience!

Please stay tuned...

: )

Julie M.

ps  Mars Heureux! ~ Happy March!

{Le mauvais rêve et un beau rêve ~ The bad dream and a beautiful dream}


Oh my, yes! I have that dream ALL the time! But for me, it's science or math class. Which is ironic since my husband teaches physics!

That is such a beautiful image, I hadn't seen it before.

Thank you so much for your prayers! :-)

Farmgirl Paints said…
I actually have had that dream several times!! I am always missing a credit and can't graduate or have forgotten my locker combination. I wake up feeling so relieved it was only a dream.

Congrats on surviving a blogging year! I know I have loved having you around:)
Anonymous said…
Love the song....Mama Mia, right?
Dreams, I've been told help our brains work things out....I hope so...smiles.
Nancherrow said…
Congratulations on your One Year Blogiversary! Love your site and have become a follower. Thanks too for your kind comment on my post the other day.

LDH said…
Happy anniversary wishes! I love visiting with you and look forward to many more!

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