The Farm Chicks' Antiques Show 2010

I received a little something lovely in my inbox today!

New blog buttons for the big show!

Thank you, Serena

Will you be attending?

I hope to be back from a midwestern junkin' and family history hunting trip just in time.

Last year was a blast!  Click here and here to see the fun things I found and read all about my visit to The Farm Chicks' Antique Show.

What fun!

: )

Julie M.

ps  I've added a new "Upcoming Events" feature to my sidebar.  I hope to make it to more shows this year.  Maybe I will see you there...

pps  You have until this Sunday, March 21st to enter my Sweet Dreams ~ 100th Post Giveaway!


off to google their site..if we cant join you at least we can see what all the fuss is about:)
%*_*% rosey
The Mermaids of the Lake girls will be there! We are so darn lucky to live in the Spokane area and we wouldn't think of missing it. In fact, we will be celebrating my June 5th Birthday there!

Mermaid Debbie
VS said…
I want to come too!!!!! Can you fly me there from CA???? It could be my private little give-away from you! LOL I'm retarded!
Have Great Fun!
Hi, Julie, oh how I wish I lived near some of these fab shows. WE don't have anything quite like that in the South. Boo-hoo!! Have a great time.
Oh, I wish I could. That would be so much fun!
Jenn said…
I live in Washington and I have never been!! the last few years my sisters and I keep sayin we are going to go... maybe this year!!?? It is usually the 'last soccer game' or the last Girl Scout party.. or something 'end of the year'!! Daddy can do that this year... right?!~

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