Beware of Peep...

My barn Kitty,  Peep

aka LP, Lil' Pretty....Little Beau Peep
{Yes, I know the spelling is wrong...but it's her name}

: )

Julie M.

ps Please visit A Southern Daydreamer's 60th Outdoor Wednesday to see who else has ventured into the great outdoors...


Natasha said…
I think the name is puurrrfect!

Best wishes,
Caroline said…
What a beautiful cat!
LV said…
I love the blue eyes of your little Beau Peep. What a pretty kitty.
Anonymous said…
She looks like she is thinking - I know I am beautiful. Take the picture already.
That is probably JUST what she was thinking! It wasn't easy getting this picture.

: )

Julie M.
Mary said…
Love the arrogance of a cat...all of you that have cats you know what I mean! ;o) They are so aloof and confident! This one looks like no exception...but who can blame her - those eyes are gorgeous! ~mary~
I came by to say hello and introduce myself and follow along on your journey as well.
I look forward to getting to know you better.

Lara said…
Oh I just want to hug her!!!! .. prrrfect name! :-)
LDH said…
Hi Julie,

LP has the prettiest blue eyes!

Many years ago when I was expecting the birth of twins, I wanted to name a boy Beau. I loved the name, however, my husband did not share my opinion. I had girls.

Sweet visiting with you!
Kindly, ldh
Farmgirl Paints said…
Such a pretty kitty! Love those eyes:)
Hi guys!
Thank you for all of your comments about my little Peep. She really is a dearly sweet kitty. My mom said that one wouldn't expect such a kitty to be a barn cat...but she refuses to come inside and does not like to be held. She does love to nudge and walk under your foot if you stand with your toes hanging over the edge of a step and on top of that....she is even sweet to the other kitties. : ) Julie M.
Uncovered Ruby said…
I just stumbled across your blog...adorable!! Your sweet kitty is beautiful.
While reading your profile info., I just cracked up laughing at your line "dumpster diving germ freak"..that's me to a T! Now that I found you, I'll be following your journey..God Bless! Lisa :-)
Beatnheart said…
Love your little kitten...Beautiful song...I believe in angels too...
Lissa said…
what a sweet and cute kitty!
Oh those eyes!

Lisa said…
She is a beauty!! Sorry I have missed so many of your last few lovely posts. I am fighting off another head cold and the Head Dr. at work seems to not want to go home lately so I think he is trying to kill us! We work 7:15 to 6:30 as it is!! I left at 7:30 last night 12 hour days yea!!
Hugs, Lisa

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