What a Dump!!!

I don't know about you...

...but I think these puppies are pretty sweet.

Old washtubs courtesy of La Dump.


That's right.

As I pulled into bay numero deux at the ol' solid waste venue, I noticed 3 things.


2 dudes hastily pitching TONS of old windows out of a trailer which was hitched to a truck. 




Break my heart...why don't you!


A third fella waiting beside the truck...whilst...(brace yourselves ladies )....whilst he held a rag to his bloody...ohhhhh, so bloodied...head.  


(disclaimer:  My mom is a nurse.  I am not.  I am a germ freak...so, I looked around for my handywipes...and didn't find em' for the hurtin' dude.  My mama would have run over to check him out.)



I saw what I thought to be an old washtub turned upside down on the pile.

"Is that an old washtub?" I asked.

"Yes, there are actually two of them," said bloody dude's friend.

"May I please have them?" I asked.


I thanked him and then turned to bd and said, 

"I'm sorry about your head."


And they were on their way.  The third dude, a dump worker, headed for his hurkin' backhoe thingy as I headed for the back of the pile to rescue the tubs.

"You can only have the one," he said, "I can't let you dig."


: )

Does lifting count?

I quickly recovered both washtubs and held them up for the dump dude to see.  He grinned, revved up his machine and headed toward the pile.

Oh, yeah!

What a dump!

As I was leaving, I asked the man at the scale if the injured guy's friend had inadvertently pitched a window at him as they were unloading the trailor.  "No," he replied, "he hit him with a 2x4."


 Just click here to see a few more lovely things I've rescued whilst they were on their way to Landfillland!  Oh, and my mama...she's hooked now too.  A couple of years ago she returned from a trip to the dump with a Duncan Phyfe style table, a bunch of pine tongue and groove lumber, and one of the biggest grins I've ever seen.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to an even more beautiful Wednesday!     

Have you rescued anything lately?

: )

Julie M.


Tracey said…
Hi Julie! Well aren't you the lucky one!! Too bad you couldn't get a few cool old windows too :)

Hugs ~

:) T
Lisa said…
Cool! They are great ones!!
Hugs, Lisa
Mary said…
Serously...it should be a criminal offense to waste such beautiful and useful things! So glad you saved them though, I have just a love of all things galvanized, I would have grabbed them, too! ;o) ~mary~
Anonymous said…
I really want to go with you....really....smiles.
now that is the ultimate in dumpster diving stories!
love the washtubs~
Debbie said…
What an awesome find! Last time I went dumpster diving...funny story here, it was with my boys, hubby, mom and sis in the car...we saw some grat garbage on the street, pulled over, started rummaging...well my 8 year old blew a fit...he thought we where stealing and gonna go to jail...really he was that upset that he thought we where doing the wrong thing....he has since known it is OK to garbage pick LOL!!~
Ms. Bake-it said…
Oh what a lucky find! I too would have grabbed them.

~ Tracy
The Green Pea said…
Julie, you are fortunate that you can take things from your dump. In Northern CA we can not remove anything from our dumps. It is a heartbreak to see something you want when dumping our trash. There are men watching you all of the time and signs saying " do not remove anything
from the dump! sandi

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