21 February 2010

What a Dump!!!

I don't know about you...

...but I think these puppies are pretty sweet.

Old washtubs courtesy of La Dump.


That's right.

As I pulled into bay numero deux at the ol' solid waste venue, I noticed 3 things.


2 dudes hastily pitching TONS of old windows out of a trailer which was hitched to a truck. 




Break my heart...why don't you!


A third fella waiting beside the truck...whilst...(brace yourselves ladies )....whilst he held a rag to his bloody...ohhhhh, so bloodied...head.  


(disclaimer:  My mom is a nurse.  I am not.  I am a germ freak...so, I looked around for my handywipes...and didn't find em' for the hurtin' dude.  My mama would have run over to check him out.)



I saw what I thought to be an old washtub turned upside down on the pile.

"Is that an old washtub?" I asked.

"Yes, there are actually two of them," said bloody dude's friend.

"May I please have them?" I asked.


I thanked him and then turned to bd and said, 

"I'm sorry about your head."


And they were on their way.  The third dude, a dump worker, headed for his hurkin' backhoe thingy as I headed for the back of the pile to rescue the tubs.

"You can only have the one," he said, "I can't let you dig."


: )

Does lifting count?

I quickly recovered both washtubs and held them up for the dump dude to see.  He grinned, revved up his machine and headed toward the pile.

Oh, yeah!

What a dump!

As I was leaving, I asked the man at the scale if the injured guy's friend had inadvertently pitched a window at him as they were unloading the trailor.  "No," he replied, "he hit him with a 2x4."


 Just click here to see a few more lovely things I've rescued whilst they were on their way to Landfillland!  Oh, and my mama...she's hooked now too.  A couple of years ago she returned from a trip to the dump with a Duncan Phyfe style table, a bunch of pine tongue and groove lumber, and one of the biggest grins I've ever seen.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to an even more beautiful Wednesday!     

Have you rescued anything lately?

: )

Julie M.

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