Dear Laurie of Nana's House blessed me with a sweet surprise the other day!

Thank you, Laurie!  You made my day!  I'd like to encourage ya'll to visit Laurie at Nana's House.

And now, I'm supposed to list 12 of my favorite bloggers...but I'm going to break the rules a bit...and share this award with each and every one of the sweet folks who have left encouraging comments on my blog!  Or, in fact, with anyone who would like to leave a little comment now and let me know about the blogs that you really love to visit!  I'm looking forward to hearing about them!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

: )

Julie M.


Lisa said…
Oh wow! I love this award!! Ok, Wel there is you, Cozy Little House, Loveleigh Treasures, 1st Floor Flat, on no just my whole 200+ list I follow! Sorry I really love a lot of the sweet girls out there!!
Hugs, Lisa
Christy said…
congrats on the award! very well deserved!
Kasey said…
you so deserve the award girlie.
Lissa said…
congratulations on this award! It's just perfect for you because you also bring sunshine with your sweet comments.
Sonjia Hill said…
Well, Dear Cousin....I can honestly say that your blog is my favorite. Every time I visit it,(which isn't as often as I'd like), I leave happy! :-) Have a great night...and a beautiful tomorrow!

Love yoooou!!

Sonjia Marie
Wow! Thank you, everybody!

: )

Julie M.

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