24 February 2010

Eastsiders...Flea Market Style!

I found it!

For all you guys and gals on the Eastside (That's the burbs east of Seattle...between Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains...just so ya' know.)


I checked the Issaquah Barnes & Noble...no luck...not in the system at all....but I did get a yummy pumpkin spice latte...

Costco didn't have it either...but if anyone needs a paper towel...I am ready for ya'!

I was about to give up hope for today...and then I saw it.

Yeah!  Thank you, Target!  Third time's a charm....I now have my very own copy of Flea Market Style.  

Oooh...so many lovely ideas!  I'm already feeling inspired for tomorrow.

Thank you and goodnight! 

: )

Julie M.

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