02 January 2010

A New Year Walk...

In honor of this fresh new year...I'm going to do something kind of wild and crazy.

I'm posting pictures from my walk today...completely unedited.

And off we go...

This is my mountain

I guess some feathered friends were in the mood for a walk today too.

The tree on the corner...

oreo snow

This sweet fella ran out to greet me as I walked past the park...and then stayed by my side as we passed some snarling Huskies who were chained up in a neighbor's yard.

I thanked him and told him he should run on home...but he put his foot down and insisted on staying.  He watched over me until I had safely turned the corner.

A nice place to walk.

A nice place to stay.

My bungalow used to live here...

...and this is where my retired barn cat, Bud, went to stay when he ran away from home.  Isn't this a cute little yellow garage?  I've always liked it.  Buddy came back, in fact, he's all curled up in his chair now.  The neighbors still ask about him...because he's such a doll baby.

I hadn't anticipated going for a walk today...so that felt pretty good.  Walking more often is definitely high on my priority list for the new year.  So, do you know what's next on my list?

Do you?

Yeah, I'd like to get the neighbors' Dollar Store bag out of my Hawthorne tree!

I hope your first day of the New Year was lovely.  What did you do?

: )

Julie M.

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