31 August 2009

Mum's the Word...

"Seal up your lips and give no words but mum." William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part II

August was quite the month for treasure hunting...and some of my finds were quite unintentionally found. It began a couple of weeks ago when I went on a spontaneous garage sailin' expedition with my antique-dealer friend, Thelma. I didn't find much that day...but for $5.00, I purchased an ooold bed which had come out of a cabin several miles from my home. Then, whilst in town for an oil-change Friday night, at GW, I found a spindle-legged table, an easel, and a vintage child's glider amongst other sweet little things which I'll have to show you another day. Rather than garage sailin', I planned to work outside Saturday, and take two loads of yard waste to the dump. That was the plan...but we all know how those can change! There was a long line at the dump and I had to circle around twice with my varied load. During my second trip through the weigh-in booth....I realized that right before my eyes was a somewhat large pick-up truck full of furniture. I had already found a sweet little maple chair in nearly perfect condition and 1 antique ski...next to the construction waste pile (talk about waste...they don't recycle the building materials!!!!!) Anyway, back to the booth, I smiled at the dump dude and said, "I'm following him!!!!!" The wait continued up at the garbage disposal area, so I hopped out of my little truck and approached the hidden driver of the truck full of treasure. "It's too bad you didn't come sooner," he said. "I already dropped off one load and I feel so bad dumping this stuff...it belonged to my grandmother. We've been meaning to have a garage sale." So, rather than heading back home with an empty truck and hurrying to load and unload it with twigs and such before the dump closed...I spent the remainder of the dumptime window...loading up my little truck with more nice spindly chairs and other pieces of history. : ) I was leaving JUST as another dump dude was heading to close the gate for the day. He wagged his head and said, "I could have sworn it would take you two trips with all of that stuff! That's crazy!" I grinned and happily went on my way. Packing and parallel parking are two of my great gifts in life. (To even out that boast...I will let you know that you should never ask me to cut your hair or set up your sprinkler...I am virtually helpless when it comes to those endeavors! : )

Whilst I was loading up the treasures...another nice man (who was dumping actual garbage) struck up a conversation with me. During which he said, "I saw a couple of antique frames over there..." pointing toward another pile. I headed on over..knowing that you are not supposed to actually pick things OUT OF the piles. "Are they plastic?" he asked...touching them. "No, they are wood and plaster." I replied as I smiled, grabbed them and headed for my truck. (shhh! Don't tell!) The nice man didn't want them.

Isn't the little chair darling? I found a grown-up version a couple of months ago. Do you think I should paint or re-stain the arms when I re-upholster it or leave them "as is?"

Can you see the rounded side of this old coffee table (below)? It's a little outside of my traditional style...do you think I should re-stain it a dark brown or black...or paint it a light cottagey color?

Found on its side in the cellar of the house we moved, the old french door will be the official greeter for my front porch....after much stripping and re-painting, of course.

Saturday night, my mom surprised me with tons of mums. So, Sunday afternoon, I decided to have a little photo shoot featuring some of my new (old) treasures!

George likes the new little maple chair.

I placed a little bunch of stray mums in a juice glass which also came with the bungalow we moved.

The day Thelma and I went yard sailin', I found a little something else on the side of the road...I'll tell you about THAT tomorrow! (Now..why did I promise that? Yesterday was tomorrow and it has grown very late! I will tell you when I can. : )

In the meantime, please visit Southern Hospitality to see more of Today's Thrifty Treasures!

29 August 2009

Weekend Cleaning...

It is a perfectly gorgeous Saturday afternoon and I am fixing to do a little of this....

And a little of this...

And maybe even a little of this...

Then I'd like to go outside and do a little of this...

And a little of this...

Ooooh! Love the cart idea...don't you???

Whatever you are doing and wherever life finds you...I hope that you are enjoying a fine summer's day!

ps I had intended on taking two loads of yard waste to the dump today...but during my first trip...I ended up in line behind a pickup truck full of antiques and mid-century furniture. Yeah, now my truck is full of treasures and I didn't even go garage sailin' today! : )

All vintage photos courtesy of Sherwin Williams

28 August 2009

Under The Apple Tree...

Do you ever map out a plan for your day, but then...

Life Happens

Last week, my friend Alice stopped by the shop to pick some apples...

"I should take these up to Kate's neighbors' horses." Alice said of the fallen apples in the cool garbage can I rescued from the dump.

Alice, who was short on time, said she'd come back another day.

So..she did.

But this time, she brought along some helpers...her wee girls, Emily and Hana..and their little friends, sisters Autumn and Annaleah. (But this time...Alice said she didn't want me to take HER picture : )

"Annaleah?" Oh...here she is...

Hee hee

The bigger little girls took turns on the ladder as Alice watched over them and I snapped away...

Emily had the first pick.

And lots of nibbles...

Then Hana, who has always reminded me of a little birdie....

...didn't want to come down from the tree.

But Autumn was quickly approaching...

...and had her eye on the prize.

Had I not spilled coffee down the front of my favorite shirt during my first errand of the day...and had I not returned home to wash it and change...I would have missed seeing the big truck parked out in front of the nursery, full of sweet little friends...who stopped by for a visit and wanted to pick some apples.

Had I written a new post sooner, which I had intended to do so many times...I would not have captured this moment....

A new banner for The Little Red Shop on this, my 50th Post!

Thank you, girls!

Thank you to Alice and Todd, and Sara for allowing me to post pictures of your sweeties. Thank you to all my dear readers for your time and encouraging comments!

God bless you!!!

18 August 2009

Happiness is...

...a long weekend at the cabin with my family, good friends, good food, the sea, the sand...and a warm fire.

Jeff, Big Denny, Tracy, Lorna, David, Sally, Little Denny, Julie, Bobby, Bryan, Cathy

Whidbey Island, Washington circa 1980-something

Update: My mom thinks this photo was taken in the mid-seventies. (I thought the shoes were too big for that) She also said that they were on the hearth recovering from a rainy day. That was just the first of many visits to the cabin.

16 August 2009

A Peaceful Life...

I saw this sweet scene whilst out treasure hunting with an old friend on Thursday. I'll have to tell you about that another day...and about the rest of an interesting weekend which included surprise visitors....some apple picking...and ring-around-the-rosie with three wee friends...

Do you suppose that this little garden cabin is a second home for some feathered friends...or have they moved out to the country permanently...where they, like I, have found a quiet, more peaceful way of life?

15 August 2009

Oooh..It's Idea Time!

We interrupt this weekend with a special message from Sherwin-Williams Paint.

Hmm...a door desk? Why didn't I think of that?


I'll tell you why.

Whether you are on a short jaunt or a cross-country flight, it's bad enough when you have your tray table down and the passenger in front of you reclines his seat...allll the waaay baaack....

Can you imagine?

Can you even imagine...

how it would feel...

...to be working steadily away on your project....when...

...your brother, son, husband, or ultra peppy pooch comes running through that door...slamming that 1/2" panel into your gut and sending your compass, piping hot coffee, and a bouquet of sharpened pencils into flight...directly toward your face?

No thank you, Mrs. Walter...no thank you...

...but have a beautiful day!

14 August 2009

Jonah and the Bubble...

When I first saw this amazing photograph of my friend Alicia's son...I just had to ask if I could show it to you...

"Jonah and the Bubble"

Thank you, Alicia!

: )

Julie M.

ps Can you see the teeny tiny bubble behind Jonah's head?

Congratulations to Alicia...who just completed a triathlon!!! Have a beautiful weekend!

12 August 2009

The Little Things...

Do you know? Do you know that God cares about the little things? Do you know that He cares about each and every moment of your day? I pray that I will be doing...each moment...what God wants me to be doing...to be the person that He wants me to be. That being said, it is often a fun surprise to see what God has in store...what little things He puts in my path...that make me so happy...

Here are two of my favorite little things...that God put in my path today. I was at Safeway..on the phone with one of my old friends who had just called to see when I wanted to go treasure hunting with her. Her timing was perfect...as there is no cell reception in the back of the produce section..where I was about to go. So, I paused in the front of the store to make plans with my friend....looked up....and saw...

Hana and Emily

My friend Alice's wee girls.

When I first saw them...turning the corner to follow their Auntie Kate down the cereal aisle...little Hana was pushing the cart...standing high on her tippy toes just as tall as she could...so she could see over the cart. After finishing up my phone call...I went on a little hunt for my friends...found them in the back of the store...saw smiling little faces and heard two little voices say, "JULIE!!!" And then, Emily, who just turned 7, looked way up at me and said, "I have another wiggly tooth!"

Do you know that God cares about the little things?

11 August 2009

Bubble Boys....

"Windbreakers and Bubbles"

My big brothers, The Wee Minnesotans ~ Bellevue, Washington circa 1971

10 August 2009

Happiness is...White and Willow

The White and Willow Green House

Finding an estate sale full of thoughtfully priced treasures is a dream come true....but do you ever stop to think about the people who first purchased the house, picked out the paint colors, and planted the garden?

I do.

"I met her, you know?" said the lady beside me...as she crouched over and shuffled through a box of sewing supplies in the front yard of the "Willow and White" mid-century ranch style home. "She was such a nice person. She loved angels and hearts...and so do I....yes, she was really nice..." I simply smiled in reply...listening...happy that she cared.

I began stacking my finds...one after the other...in shallow fruit boxes...one after the other...as I continued to comb through the seemingly never ending boxes full of the "nice ladies" life.

Then I saw this...peeking out from under a stack of fabric...

I am currently restoring and working on the design plan for 2 historic houses, a small barn, a carriage house, and a garden....to me..the dear lady's design scrapbook was a treasure indeed!

Shall we sit down and take a look?

Some of the pictures are a little tiny and dim..just double click on each photo to enlarge the picture...get a better view...and some pretty nifty ideas!

I rescued a built-in shelf like the one pictured above...(minus the green paint and fold-out table) just as a couple was disposing of it at the dump! For the best pop of color...shouldn't they have painted the Windsor chairs red?

I love this built-in shelf idea.

My paternal grandparents had a perfect mid-century home in Edina, Minnesota with a little phone corner in the kitchen just like this!

This would be a sweet way to have an herb garden just outside your kitchen door.

I collect traditional maple furniture to use as storage pieces in my kitchen, and throughout my home.

My grandparents had a full basement in their Edina home. A couple of its design features included a complete kitchenette..and a ping pong table.

What a cool idea (Below). They removed the upper panels from a closet door, replaced them with glass, and inserted a bookcase into the closet. Neat! I have a little round table just like the one in front of the "bookcase," beside my bed.

Does this remind you of the Bradys' backyard...and the Bradys' den?

My brothers' room had this red, white, and blue color scheme when they were little. They built model airplanes and boats too...along with a built-in desk! I still have the desk...and their maple bunk beds.

What a cool "Flame Red" door! Isn't it happy with the "Enameloid Pastel Blue" trim? And how about that trompe l'oeil "Flame Red" frame in the bedroom as an accent to the "Flat-Tone Orchid" pink? Wow! That's a brave choice!

As a germ freak...this is my least favorite kind of faucet handle...but isn't this a neat sink? Oh...wait...it is MY bathroom sink...but mine has a pedestal...and not a funky cool green on green cabinet.

When I was little, this was pretty much the color of our bathroom. The tub and sink (minus the legs) are very much like this in the bungalow we (my mom and I) rescued and moved to restore and expand into my shop. We will be replacing the old tub with a claw foot version I found at a garage sale. (It came in perfect condition with the feet and all of the fixtures for $150! : )

My friend Alice has a sweet dresser like this in her daughters' room...and that green...to me that is, "Alice Green."

And speaking of green...

Someone who lived in my home...at some point in history...really...really...really...LOVED...seafoam green. Pretty much the entire main house was painted with this breezy color...the siding, the walls, the trim, the floors...and THE ENTIRE STAIRCASE...railings included. Oy oy oy! You'd better believe I let out a giant sigh of relief when the carpet was removed from the family room....and we found that the old fir floors were stained...not painted! Like the door in this picture... the bathroom door and all of the cupboards in my kitchen...were stenciled with pink roses and teal leaves...

Can you see why I was so excited about finding this idea book? Can you see why I was so happy when I asked the cashier, "How much?" and she responded...."Um...75 cents."

I ended up spending only 16 dollars at that estate sale. I'll have to share the rest of the scrapbook entries and the other treasures I found that day...another day.

In the meantime, please stop by Southern Hospitality to see Today's Thrifty Treasures!

All pictures provided by the nice lady's scrapbook..and a vintage Sherwin-Williams "Home Decorator" Catalog.

After seeing this idea book, I realize that it's about time for me to show you my kitchen...look here for a glimpse...and stay tuned!

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