Happiness is...

...a long weekend at the cabin with my family, good friends, good food, the sea, the sand...and a warm fire.

Jeff, Big Denny, Tracy, Lorna, David, Sally, Little Denny, Julie, Bobby, Bryan, Cathy

Whidbey Island, Washington circa 1980-something

Update: My mom thinks this photo was taken in the mid-seventies. (I thought the shoes were too big for that) She also said that they were on the hearth recovering from a rainy day. That was just the first of many visits to the cabin.


Jeanne Oliver said…
I agree with you! We just got back from our time together as a family and it was perfect. Great photo too!!!
Thank you, Jeanne! I'm glad you had a great time back east!

: )

Julie M.
Unknown said…
Love that picture! Oh Julie, you are so sweet...thank you for the kind words you left for me the other day, I do hope Caighton has a few of her own memories of her grandpa. Your story really did help to make me feel better - thank you!

:) T
Anonymous said…
great photo! My in-laws live on whidbey island! Love family times around the fire!
Farmgirl Paints said…
Great picture. I'm sure it evokes some special memories:) Have a great weekend.
Happiness would be a long weekend in a cabin!
Kate Kubler said…
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! Be sure to follow so you can see when I post my transformations! Happy Blogging!
Farmgirl Paints said…
Love those amazing words on my blog - Day by Day. What a blessing you were to me today...thank you friend and than you too for your prayers:) Much needed!!
Shannan Martin said…
Look at all those suede shoes! They all look so bright and brand new!

Your laundry story on my post cracked me up. Love hearing everyone's stories! Have a great weekend. :)

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