26 July 2009

How sweet it is...

Like my precious baby cousin, I hope you are enjoying sweet summer days...and taking the time to stop...and smell the flowers.

Much love and many thanks to my dear cousin Sonjia for capturing such a lovely moment in time...with her lil' darling.

23 July 2009

Bon Anniversaire!

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of her beautiful blog, lovely Jeanne of A Bushel and A Peck is doing something rather sweet! Not only is she generously giving away a $100 gift certificate to her Etsy store....she is also giving away a $100 gift certificate to Shabby Apple. Oh laaa! Jeanne's wonderful creations are one of a kind and handmade and...quoting Jeanne, "Every item that is purchased is always wrapped beautifully with ribbons, flowers and tags." Would you want it any other way?

The Natalie Clutch

The Luella Purse

The Sarah Skirt

And now...

three perfect Shabby Apple Samples...

Such pretty things!

Congratulations Jeanne! May God bless you throughout the next year!

Please visit A Bushel and A Peck for more details!

{Jeanne has picked a winner!}

Congratulations to Lissa, of Humble Pie!

Happy Shopping!

22 July 2009

Cruise Control...

If you find yourself in Issaquah, Washington...cruisin' down Gilman Boulevard and hankerin' for some classic All-American food on a gorgeous summer day...stop here!

If you are a health nut hankerin' for somethin' light and airy...STOP HERE!


"This is a cash-only line!"


Fillin' Stations

If you are hankerin' for an actual carhop with more substantial burgers, tastier malts, less kitsch, and want to use your debit card...stop here!

Just hop on I-90 West to 405 North....the Bellevue Burgermaster is just a few old tunes away...

21 July 2009

Miss Maddie and the Princess Bunny...

My dear old friend Jenny called this morning. "I'm on my way to VBS with the kids," she said. "Finley just said something cute...so I wanted to call and share it with you."

Jenny's 3 oldest babies...photo courtesy of Jen

Miss Maddie and her mama

When my mom and I learned that we would be meeting little Madison for the first time and celebrating her mama's birthday on Fathers' Day...my brain started whirling with thoughts of what to do for a gift...

What do you give one of your best friends for Fathers'/Bday/Baby day???

Why a coal bin filled with little pink and pretty buckets full of butter and shortbread cookies, an embossed heart wall pocket full of more cookies, a Bunnies By The Bay pink Buddy Blanket, and a sweet receiving blanket featuring posh poodles having a party, of course...(for my friend with the poodle who is constantly throwing sweet parties!)

So, what did Finley say on the way to VBS?

"That's nice that you got the princess bunny for your birthday and are sharing it with Maddie.....she really likes it!"

17 July 2009

A Sneak Peek...

"Beau Tied Shoes...for Ari"

This is just a sneek peek...I've been working on a little something old...and something new. In the meantime, I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

14 July 2009

Shhh...babies sleeping

Here is a wee snippet of The Little Red Shop...present day.

Odile the crocodile and friends hanging out in the shop on a beautiful summer afternoon.

Odile is a Belgian "Noukie." Her compatriots, Hippolyte the hippo and Cappucine the giraffe were down for their naps and thus, not available for this photo shoot. You'll see them another day...

Sweet Dreams!

12 July 2009

Table Dressings...

The Nester is having a party!

As my nest is still under restoration...I'll just be sharing a little snippet...a few twigs, some canvas, and bits of straw...

In the early 1980's, whilst visiting the home of our paternal grandparents in Minnesota, one of my brothers discovered something hidden behind some shrubs beside the garage. Stacked in pieces and coated in layers of paint, was an antique dressing table. My grandmother said that my brother, who wanted to use it for a school project, could have it. And so, it was packed up alongside our big red Coleman cooler in the back of our "wood-sided" white Mercury station wagon for our 3 day drive back home to Washington State. What a perfect divider between my brothers in the center-back passenger seats...and my nest in the way-very-back. When my brother finished restoring the table...he gave it to me! I have always thought that the legs were too sweet to cover them with a skirt.

My parents purchased the painting of a boy and his dog at an art fair in Minnesota in the 1960's. The straw fedora on the little lamp was my grandfather's. The little porcelain bouquet was a gift to my mother from my grandmother...but it has been with me for as long as I can remember. I bought the tiniest frames at Nordstrom in the early 90's. They used to sell the little silver-plated ones for $3.00 each. The tiny round frame is Italian and cost a bit more. The frames behind the perfume and the Ikea ($9.99) alarm clock, are also old family keepsakes. The paper snippets tucked into the frame of the painting include a couple of pretty postcards, a vintage comic, and 2 old attendance cards from the church where my parents were married, Powderhorn Park Baptist. I bought the little lamp under the fedora at target for around $20..I think...it took me a while to decide between the table or floor lamp version.

Under the table is a vintage suitcase for which I paid between $1.99 and $14.99...I can't remember. The little straw purse with pretty pink lining (not shown) is from Victoria Secret. I have several cute handbags from Victoria Secret and Bath and Body works...they came filled with yummy lotions and such. As for my hat, my straw hat is from an Australian company called, "Corroboree." I used to work in a boutique that sold them. I believe I paid about $22 dollars for it in 1997.

The fir floor, baseboard molding, and 1/4 round trim are original to the house...which, like the antique dressing table...came coated in layers and layers of paint. The newest layers were provided by me...along with a plaster treatment and buttercream glaze on the walls. Mmmm...buttercream glaze...now that sounds like a great table dressing for a party!

That's absolutely true...so I'm adding this ol' post to Miss Mustard Seeds New Year's Favorite Furniture Linky Party! 

Happy New Year blessings to you!!!

: )

Julie M.

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Beauty and The Beasts...

A couple of weekends ago, I had just a wee bit of time to head out to a "multi-family" yard sale in a secluded woodland community not far from my home...

I'm used to regularly meeting friends and neighbors while out treasure hunting, but I never expected this...can you see them? Can you see who's driving?


It's no wonder...

Man's best friends, out for a drive on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

Thank you to the gracious couple who allowed me to take pictures of their babies! There were actually 2 other big furry passengers in the jeep that day...the nice couple rescued all 4 dogs!

10 July 2009

All in a day's work...

Just over the river...

or through the woods...

a yard salin' we will go.

good friends and good finds

a beautiful view

What a treasure living out in the toolies and finding....



projects...endless projects...

It is another gorgeous summer day...and I'd better get back to work!

02 July 2009

Young Americans...

My maternal grandparents, Hugh and Marie

In 1998, my grandpa went to be with the Lord 3 months shy of his 86th birthday. My grandma, now 88....still gets a big grin when grandpa is mentioned and lets out a, "RrrrrOWF!"

Have a beautiful 4th of July weekend with your sweeties!

: )

Julie M.

01 July 2009

Sit Spot. Sit!

Ahhh...good bunny!

Neighborhood Rabbit ~ 24 May, 2008

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