Miss Maddie and the Princess Bunny...

My dear old friend Jenny called this morning. "I'm on my way to VBS with the kids," she said. "Finley just said something cute...so I wanted to call and share it with you."

Jenny's 3 oldest babies...photo courtesy of Jen

Miss Maddie and her mama

When my mom and I learned that we would be meeting little Madison for the first time and celebrating her mama's birthday on Fathers' Day...my brain started whirling with thoughts of what to do for a gift...

What do you give one of your best friends for Fathers'/Bday/Baby day???

Why a coal bin filled with little pink and pretty buckets full of butter and shortbread cookies, an embossed heart wall pocket full of more cookies, a Bunnies By The Bay pink Buddy Blanket, and a sweet receiving blanket featuring posh poodles having a party, of course...(for my friend with the poodle who is constantly throwing sweet parties!)

So, what did Finley say on the way to VBS?

"That's nice that you got the princess bunny for your birthday and are sharing it with Maddie.....she really likes it!"


Lisa said…
How very sweet! Children are just the most fun ever!!!
Hugs, Lisa

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