Young Americans...

My maternal grandparents, Hugh and Marie

In 1998, my grandpa went to be with the Lord 3 months shy of his 86th birthday. My grandma, now 88....still gets a big grin when grandpa is mentioned and lets out a, "RrrrrOWF!"

Have a beautiful 4th of July weekend with your sweeties!

: )

Julie M.


Sonjia Hill said…
I love this picture! Holy Cow, does Grandpa EVER look like my Mom,(or SHE looks like him!) And I'm laughing because I can just hear Grandma saying, "RrrrOWF"! What a Doll she is! This was such a fun picture to see...thanks Julie! :-)
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You're welcome, Sonjia!

The picture was copied from two loose photo album pages which....your mom has! : ) You should ask her to copy them for you for the fourth! The picture of GG Grandma Malinda in the Noble post came from the same album. I also have a picture of my mom and Grandpa from our 1996 trip to Nebraska City. That was the first time I noticed that THEY look exactly alike (in baseball caps)... imagine that!

Gentle readers...sometimes on the cousins and I can't even tell our mothers apart....and as a goofy side note...Sonjia and I used to be hand twins! We could hold up opposing hands and have a matching pair. : )
Lisa said…
Wow! Grandma sounds like fun!! It's nice since they were so close that she is still around. It is hard sometimes when you've spent so much time together! Go Grandma!!
Hugs, Lisa
Happy 4th of July!
mimi charmante said…
I absolutely love this photo, and your story to go with it. Isn't that what we all aspire to - a love like that?
Have a fabulous weekend my friend,
ps - definitely take on the bridge - cafe nouveau is so worth it!

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