How sweet it is...

Like my precious baby cousin, I hope you are enjoying sweet summer days...and taking the time to stop...and smell the flowers.

Much love and many thanks to my dear cousin Sonjia for capturing such a lovely moment in time...with her lil' darling.


Look at that precious little girl! :)

Thanks for the tips the other day about my mirror...I am thinking about your ideas and wondering how I could make something work. I appreciate it!
Jeanneoli said…
Great photo! Is that in your garden? If so...I am very jealous of all your gorgeous flowers.
I wish! Alas, cousin took the picture of her precious babe...several states away....

I have some lovely flowers...and straw...lots of straw...

: )

Julie M.

ps You can see some wee snippets of my garden here:
and here:
Sonjia Hill said…
Oh my goodness...look at that adorable little girl! I wonder who's family is sooo blessed to have her? Oh yes, it's ours! :-)
It looks like the picture of our sweet Ahnnalie Marie was taken JUST for your blog....PERFECT!

Sonjia Marie ~
Proud Mama of that little girl! ~
Jacqueline said…
What a beautiful picture......and a lovely garden....thanks for sharing this delightful scene. XXXX
Kasey said…
she's a cutie!

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