29 December 2009

Merry and White...

Isn't waking up to a fresh coat of snow just the loveliest?

{Do I hear sneers from the Eastern crowd?}

Why, that's just exactly what happened today!

I decided to let Ol' Red stay nestled in for a long winter's nap...and took a stroll around the nursery.

Okay..so that was a couple of months ago, after our first snow...but you get the drift...

The "Popcorn" tree in front of the main house.

The Hawthorne Tree

The picket line

I rescued the front section of picket fencing from my back gate neighbor who was about to burn it. She had previously used it to line her vegetable garden.

Ponderosa Pine amongst apple branches

The Plum Tree

I found this washtub set divided and strewn throughout the yard of the bungalow before we moved it. One tub was buried in the front yard under a large tree and a giant picnic table. The other tub was buried in the yard just below the kitchen window...while the stand, above ground and on its side...was just a few feet away...near the cellar door. I believe I bought the green tool tote several years ago, at a farm tag sale just down the road.

The round tub and table were inside the bungalow's maze of a cellar. The tub was filled with rags, tab tops, and red and white enamelware. I used the table as a work station as I sifted through the trash and treasures...hunched over in the dark...wearing a hard hat with a miner's light. Good times. Can you see the wee birdhouse in the background on the post of the split rail fence?


(It's my new {Winter} blog header :)

I paid one dollar for it years ago..at the moving sale of my neighbor, a Swedish opera singer. It was dingy white at the time and a couple of the roof's shingles kept insisting upon popping off...okay...maybe they still do. Anyway, I painted the wee birdhouse with left over exterior paint from my shop. Please don't ask me the exact color...it's a mix. The neighborhood was pretty excited when I primed the shop...Pepto Bismol pink..it was actually kind of pretty!

And so is our lovely new snow!!!

How was your day? Did it bring you any sweet surprises?

: )

Julie M.

Wee Tree History

{Be sure to check this link!}

ps Since new fallen snow is one of my favorite things...(and my most very favorite post from 2009 is missing!)...I'm adding "Merry and White..." to The Nester's Best of the Nest 2009 Party! and now...March 5th, 2010..with our snow long gone and spring quickly approaching...I'm joining the Frugal Friday Party over at The Shabby Nest!

Okay...since I know that so many of your are longing for Spring...

...here is a little glimpse into the future...

Just click here, to see the beauties I picked up a couple of weeks ago...

: )

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