17 December 2009

Fancy Nancy...The Elf, Herself

Well, hello there! (I hear my aunt's Minnesotan accent when I say that) I know it's been awhile. I've been a little distracted lately with my shop, and life, and what not. Thank you so much for your patience and your sweet comments! I really appreciate it/them/you! It's getting pretty late...so I'll just jump right in...

One of my clients called me "Fancy Nancy" today.

I don't know why...

Wee me in a hooty tooty outfit from my paternal grandparents

As I selected some pretty tissue paper to wrap the stocking stuffers she had picked out for her sweeties, Sasha said, "You're so fancy!!! You're just like Fancy Nancy!"

Sasha had been in the shop last week with her wee darling girls. When they saw all of the goodies and sweet things and a particular doll just waiting to be wrapped...they got all big-eyed and grinned shyly from ear to ear. "I wrap presents for Santa," I said. "I'm like an elf...that's why I have The Little Red Shop!" As I turned my 5'7" self back behind the counter to fetch something, I heard one of the girls whisper, "I thought elves were supposed to be little." "Elves come in all sizes, honey," Sasha said sweetly but firmly. "We don't discriminate." hee hee...

My older brothers, the middle one, and the farmer...in corduroy vests made by our paternal grandmother.

I hope you are all having a festive and beautiful December!

: )

Julie M.

ps You can read more about Fancy Nancy and her splendiferous Christmas here.

pps I have the left over fabric from the nifty corduroy vests my grandmother made for my brothers...I also have a rug-sized swatch of the carpet from my grandparents' Edina basement which looks a mighty lot like those vests...and the stair runner in Kate Winslet's cottage in The Holiday!

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