A Peek Inside...The Wee Barn

Just outside the back door of my 100 year old house and across the "lawn" sits the wee barn. The wee barn was once a teeny tiny barn before Mr. Olson got to work on it, way back when. The oldest section consists of a tack room and a stall. (There are still bits of straw stuck in the corners of the raised wooden floors) Mr. Olson left the old rafters in the teeny tiny section of the barn when he expanded it...when he expanded it using some recycled bits and pieces of the main house...

Here you can see the original siding in the lower portions of the exterior wall to the stall...Mr. Olson framed the doorway with existing trim from the main house...pretty crackly pink trim which I believe came from a now sealed up doorway which probably connected the original front hallway to the back porch...I believe the doorway is hidden in the wall behind my sink and shower. (They must have sealed it up when they installed indoor plumbing) I'd like to reopen that doorway someday in the dreamy future...when the bathroom becomes a pantry...but that's a different story. : ) I draped the pretty cottage rose fabric to hide the messy stall...do you know what kind of fabric it is??? (I have a bed skirt to match) The leaning baseboard trim is waiting to be reapplied to the bungalow we moved. I like to recycle things too...


I love this latch. It's red. You can't really tell in the picture, but it is a true red...and it makes me happy.

The forest green board matches the paint I can see peeking out from under the thick layer of seafoam paint which covers the staircase, railing, and landings in the main house (I'll show you those pictures..another time)...someone really had a thing for seafoam back in the day.

Mr. Olson seems to really have had a thing for recycling. How about you?

: )

Julie M.

ps I found the pretty white wire hanging basket in the cellar of the bungalow we moved. The white window insert was a custom "oops" from the house where I grew up...the house my daddy and my grandpa designed...


Such charm and character in this wee barn. I love the latch too :) Thanks for the peek!
Kindly, ldh
Lisa said…
Oh teasing peeks!! Love it so far!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs, Lisa
Jenny said…
Oh, how totally charming. I love the textures and emotion in your wee barn!
Shannan Martin said…
That latch up against the peeling white paint - divine!

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