The Wonder Twins, my Auntie Georgia and my mama...


(Well, actually...they were comparing arthritic knuckles last month..whilst my dear auntie was out for a visit from Minnesota)

I hope that you and your loved ones have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving!

: )

Julie M.


Lisa said…
super cute! I hope you had a great one!
Hugs, Lisa
Unknown said…
Hi Julie! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Happy Monday!

:) T
Anne Lorys said…
Love it!
Wishing you and yours a belated Happy Thanksgving, too!
Jeanne Oliver said…
You are so funny!!! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!
Anonymous said…
my great auntie just left yesterday and it was so nice to spend more time with her! that was funny about the knuckles!
Kasey said…
just me..checking in with you.
Hope you are well;-)
Unknown said…
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! I hope you were able to get your tree this weekend. I hear it is cold out west! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Shannan Martin said…
I love the name Georgia. What's your mama's name??
Mary said…
I've missed your posts! Everything ok...or are you just being one smart and taking a little time off this month to actually enjoy the season! ;o) ~mary~

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