08 October 2009

Shhh...I'm thinking...

"Julie is easily distracted whilst sitting amongst friends."  So my elementary school teachers said on their reports...

I really need to concentrate.

I really need to focus.

But...I'd love to hear your ideas...

Because I'm working on the design plan for my new shop!

Housed in a classic 1919 Craftsman bungalow which my mom and I rescued, moved....and are currently restoring...the new shop will have a main floor, a loft floor (think "Soho Artist's Loft"...not church choir loft), and a full walk-out basement to the garden.  I need to get the design plan done for the drafter asap...and your suggestions are welcome!  (Ooh...I have to go.  "The This Old House Hour" season premiere is just starting!)

: )

Julie M.

ps The house came with all of its pretty red windows. And guess what...10 years or so ago, I was blessed with an entire matching set of windows (in their frames..with their ropes and weights!) from a bungalow near the Arboretum in Seattle. They were being placed by the curb JUST as I passed whilst taking a shortcut home from the university. Hopefully, they will come in handy for the expansion!

pps I'm linking this to post to Julia's Hooked on Fridays Blog Party... because I'm hooked on planning...and decorating. How about you?
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