23 September 2009

A Wee Visit with Fleurs...

This afternoon, I heard a little birdie say, "Can we stop by and say 'hi' to Julie??" The next thing I knew, there were three wee girls crowned with bright pink bicycle helmets standing in my living room...grinning from ear to ear, and telling me all about entering a coloring contest. They had just been on a ride down to the river with my friend Alice, (mama to two of the wee three), and their doll-baby dog, Jake.

"Let's hold hands!" they said as they arranged their bicycles "just so" for the picture I requested. (On their way out the door...one of the wee girlies could be heard saying, "Who do you think should be in the background?") When I suggested that we get some photos by the flowers...the girls took it upon themselves to set up all of the shots...(I improvised a little when they weren't looking) Alice, in the meantime...stood by holding back Jake and watching her wee artists at work.

"Can we get in the flowers?"

"We are the flowers!"

"Can we move the flowers?"

"May we please have a flower?"

I hope that you have a beautful day...full of sweet surprises.
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