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The other day, I promised that I would tell you what I found on the side of the road during a spontaneous garage sailin' expedition with my antique-dealer friend, Thelma. Do you remember that? Do you also remember that I was recently blessed by a visit from my friend Alice, her wee girls, and their little friends? You can click here to read about the day they stopped by my shop to pick some apples.

Like this past Saturday, a couple of weeks ago I had planned on staying home to work on projects around the house. That didn't happen. My mind just kept thinking, "Go garage sailin'....go garage sailin'." So, I headed out...and on my way..during a quick stop into the grocery store...I bumped into my friend Thelma, who was reading the local paper. "I was just checking to see if there were any garage sales today," said Thelma. (I actually bumped into her during my second trip into the I had forgotten something the first time.) A few minutes later we were heading down the road...

I was still looking around the second garage sale (where I found and oold bed from a nearby cabin) when Thelma, who was ready to pay for her finds, said..."I think I saw a sign for another sale down by the park." Thelma went on her way...and I was soon to follow. I did not, however, find a garage sale near the park...

What I did find on the side of the road as I turned the corner to head home...was a man trying to take a photograph of a group of people standing in front of a local landmark on the other side of the street...but cars continued to pass through his shot. I stopped....waited for a moment...then leaned out the window and said, "Wouldn't you all like to be in the picture?" After hearing a big happy, "YES!" I did a "u-ey" in the middle of the road, parked, hopped out of the car and as I was snapping the picture of the 2 men and 3 ladies..I heard one of the women say, "Can we buy you lunch?" Just visiting the area for the day, they asked if I was a local and wondered where the best place to eat would be. (I couldn't stay for lunch...but suggested a spot near their photo-op and told them about The Little Red Shop!)

An hour or so later...and two towns away...they were standing in my shop...telling me about their camping trip...and their cute little campers. In the meantime, while they were mom, who had been working in the nursery...gave the photographer a tour of our project, and one by I wrapped up their new treasures..the ladies went outside to join the tour...which ended at the apple tree. And then, like the wee sisters last week...the gals excitedly began filling bags with apples....only these "sisters"... were ..."on the fly!"

~ Sisters on the Fly ~

When I discovered the identity of my special guests, I asked if I could let all of you know about their little visit and show some pictures....they instantly and unanimously said, "SURE!" and called out there numbers. Please give a warm welcome to...

Sister #555 aka "Triple Nickel"

Sister # 525 aka "Buttercup"

and...Sister # 761 aka "Shantily Lace"

Denise (Sister #761) was not at all interested in the apples. She was, however, quite taken with the vintage bike I discovered leaning up against a phone pole one day whilst leaving storage. I called the property owner to let her know about it and said, "If you decide to take it to the are more than welcome to leave it outside my gate. It would look just right under my apple tree!"

Here is Denise again...grossed out by the fact that her friends were not only picking the apples...they were eating them right off the tree. "You guys are going to get worms!" she wriggled up her nose and said several times. "That's nice," I replied with a grin. "People will ask, 'What did you get at The Little Red Shop?' and they will reply, 'Worms...we got worms.'" : )

Sandy (Sister #555) called a few days later and said, "I made a pie with your apples!"

The gals didn't have their campers with them that day. ( friends Alice and Kate and I did get to see some down by the river during The Farm Chicks Antique Show weekend in Spokane!) Click here to learn all about Sisters on the Fly and their "Cowgirl Caravan."

Denise's 1958 Chinook Camper ~ Shantily Lace

Shantily Lace photo credit:


Unknown said…
How fun! Seems like a truly nice bunch of girls!!

:) T
Lisa said…
Oh happy fall!
Love the camper!
Hugs, Lisa
Granna Girl said…
Great pictures! I tried to use your links but they link straight back to this post.
Thank you for letting me know! I don't know what is going on with some of the links on this post. I just tried them (and you are right...some of them are circling back to this post). I went back and looked at the addresses I set up in the html code...and they are correct. So, I don't know what is going on...maybe it is a quirk that will fix itself. : ) In the meantime, you can find out all about Sisters on the Fly at:

You can find my Farm Chicks Weekend post by clicking on the "Fashionable Farm Girls" category in the left hand column of my blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog and...sorry for the inconvenience with the links!

: )

Julie M.
The links are all better now! Missing sleep equals missing the "equals signs" on my html code...thus the funky links...

: )

Claudia said…
Look at all the smiles-- how delightful.

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi.

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥
Anonymous said…
what a fun story! I love it when things like that happen!
Jeanne Oliver said…
How fun and that!!!!

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