I'm busy working on a few things. In the meantime, Here's Peep...

My barn kitty, Peep

With me since the fall of 2003, I looked out the window late one night and saw her following a skunk. Quite the brave kitty for someone with such a high, sweet voice! "Peep!"

: )

Julie M.


Lisa said…
Beautiful kitty!! I hope the skunk was friendly!!
Hugs, Lisa
Thank you! She is such a sweetheart that the skunk didn't just chased her out of the driveway! A year or so before Peep arrived, I stepped out my back door and called for my barn cat, Buddy (who is now retired and snuggled up in the basket behind the sofa). I thought I heard him in the breezeway between the house and the carriage house. Instead of Buddy, a big fluffy skunk came running straight toward me and ducked under the back steps! I giggled, thought.."how pretty!" and jumped back in the house as fast as I could. : ) I think we've had the skunk wrangler lady out a couple of times.
NicNacManiac said…
Sweet!! Looks can be deceiving!!Who knew you had a security guard in your adorable little fluffy!!
Hugs, Nerina :)

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