18 June 2009

Par Avion

One of the lovely things about spending time in Blogdom is meeting kindred spirits from all over the world. I recently had the honor of receiving a "little prize" from one of my new blog friends, Corey Amaro, of Tongue in Cheek. An American wife and mother living in the South of France, Corey frequents local flea markets...finds petite treasures... and then, from time to time, hosts contests or little guessing games...asking the question, "What the heck is it, pray tell?" The person with the first correct answer wins! However, in this case, Corey also sent a prize for the incorrect answer she liked best...hee hee.... Who wouldn't love to open their mailbox and find a sweet brown paper package..sewn up with string...containing this lovely kitchen linen?!

Une belle serviette de cuisine. Pour moi?

Thank you, Corey!

Tongue in Cheek to see the beauty of the French countryside and its historic villages. Read in depth tips from Corey on flea marketing and staying in the South of France. Enjoy the tales of the life and times of a transplanted Californian with a wonderfully self-depricating sense of humor...now...go NOW!!!
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