Katie kate

"I have some pictures for you Julie!" Katie called out from inside her mama's big truck this afternoon. "Cool, thanks." I replied, as I stood in my driveway, visiting with her mother. "Yeahh, I want to get rid of them." Lil' Katie responded as she shuffled through the pieces of notebook paper in her hand. Hopping out of the truck, she quickly described the pictures as she handed them to me. "May I put them on my blog?" I asked the artist, who had already hopped back into the truck. Katie paused for a moment and then nonchalantly replied, "All right."

"Olivia, Alice, and Sara"...or "Olivia, Julie, and Sara" or "Alice, Julie, and Sara"...by Miss Katie Kate, pen and ink on paper, 2009

"Old Lady with a Big Butt Who Burned a Pot, by Miss Katie Kate, pen and ink on paper, 2009

"Yeah." Olivia sighed. "My daughter is pretty creative."

Katie Kate and Ol' Miss Julie, 2006

Thank you Katie for being the first guest artist on the Lil' Red blog. Thank you Olivia for the drapery rods and other goodies you gave me today. Thank you Sara for watching Alice's girls on Friday so we could go to The Farm Chicks' Show. Thank you Alice for driving to The Farm Chicks' show and all around Spokane... Thank you dear readers for patiently waiting for the time when I actually blog about the wonderful Farm Chicks' Show!!! Stay tuned!


Lisa said…
Oh what great pics!! Like your guest artist!
Can't wait to see your pics of Farm Chicks I feel like I was there through all my bolgger friends that got to go!

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