The Farm Chicks' Weekend 2009, Part II

The plan was for my friends Alice and Kate to meet at my house at noon on Friday. We would then head to Spokane in Alice's big truck. God had other plans. My mom called Thursday night, just as I was about to hop in the shower. "Juleeeee....A TREE FELL ON MY CAR!!!!!" My mom is an RN. While walking to her car that night, she saw a bunch of lights and thought, "Well, if an ambulance is coming...then why isn't it coming???" It wasn't an ambulance. Firetrucks were surrounding a mom's new jeep. Had my precious mother been let out of work on time AND had she not stayed a bit longer to visit with a coworker...she would have been loading up her car when the tree fell on top of it! PRAISE THE LORD! She wasn't anywhere near it and didn't have to be alone....seeing it happen!!! My mom lives two hours from work and could not stand the thought of having to wait for me to come and get her. The fireman said they thought she could drive it. She could. She did. The next day, instead of 1 big pickup truck containing three girls on their way down the road to The Farm Chicks' Show at noon, 2 sisters in a truck, 1 Julie in an Explorer, and 1 mama in a partially squooshed Jeep...headed down the road after 3pm...toward the car dealership. An hour or so later, mom's car was nestled safely at the dealership, waiting to be desquooshified, mom was happily off to go shopping...keys to my car in hand, and Alice, Kate, and I were finally heading down the road to the show.
Backtracking a December of 2000, when I first moved up the mountain after finding a plant nursery which came with an early 1900's farmstyle house on the internet...I thought that, like me, there would be plenty of other young suburbanites moving out to the country to live peaceful lives and restore cute old guess I was ahead of the game. One reason I chose to live in the mountains was because I wanted 4 different seasons...I LOVE the snow! Little did I realise that in the first few years, rather than making true friendships...I'd meet an awful lot of flakes... So, it was a happy day, to say the least, when Kate, whom I'd met whilst shopping, brought her sister Alice to my shop several years ago... Instant friendship! Earlier that year, I had really been praying about who would move into the home of some dear neighbors who were moving to Texas...and wondered who would end up buying a sweet cottage down the street. Alice and her husband bought the cottage. Alice and Kate's high school classmate Olivia, and her husband, bought my neighbors house. So, for the last few years, I have been blessed with dear friends, with darling little families...who are, like I am, continually working on fixing up their old houses. We exchange ideas, physical labor, and countless phone calls containing the simple phrase, "COME OVER AND SEE WHAT I DID!!!"
God is so good!
So, when Alice, who is also a great junking buddy, and who, like me...cannot look at ANYTHING without saying, "OOOH, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU COULD DO WITH THAT!!!!?" said she could get away for the weekend to attend The Farm Chicks' Show, along with her sister Kate, who lives just a bit further up the mountain, I was quite the happy camper.
Okay, down to the nitty gritty...the scoop...the dirt...what did we find at The Farm Chicks' Show? First, I have to admit that we took a little detour on the way to the fairgrounds, when Alice and Kate noticed a sign with those two lovely words, "ESTATE SALE." Alice and I have very similar tastes in home decor...yet we have always been good about shopping together...knowing who needs what...never playing tug-of-war with that one-of-a-kind miraculously priced object. That being said, when I hopped out of the truck and quickly came across a BEAUTIFUL set of double-paned, solid wood, french doors at a great price...I instantly called out, "Dibs!!!!!!!!" before Alice even saw them. : )
Now...onto the show!

The cowgirl and kitten greeted us upon arrival the second day
This sweet batch of petticoats instantly caught my eye!
as did the colorful cluster of tables and chairs
It was lovely meeting and visiting with Liz Le Dorze-Rulffes of Seabold Vintage Market and Bainbridge Blues Textiles. I can't wait to see her new children's clothing line!
Thank you to Jermonne, of Barn House for taking the time out from your beautiful and busy booth to pose for a picture. Loved the burlap apron! The Barn House booth was so busy when I visited on Saturday, that it wasn't until I was wrapping up a purchase at another booth, that Alice called me on my cell and said, "Julie! I found some fixtures for you!" "Where are you?" I inquired. "uhhh....Barn House!" she replied.
Kate and Alice securing our treasures in the back of the truck...including a vintage red wicker chair Alice bought at a garage sale for...$1.50!
I have a thing for green trunks. Alice tied the tiny little bow to hold the latch in place on our way out of the show. The french doors fit JUST right in the bed of the truck!!!

And now...the goods...unloaded...

Welcome to the front porch...mid-restoration! My first two purchases at the show were the sweet vintage crib sheet and an old ceiling fixture. The sheet will probably be turned into a lil' something for the shop. The light fixture may grace my pantry one day...when there actually is a pantry...and not a bathroom under the stairs. In addition to the aforementioned light, and the two vintage metal light fixtures bases Alice found at Barn House...I found a fourth base at Unexpected Necessities. Definitely unexpected! You see, wherever I go, I tell people I am looking for the vintage light fixture bases I need for my home and shop restoration projects. It's much easier to find the glass shades! Other than the small green trunk, everything else came from junking outside of the show over the weekend. The sweet and sturdy black chair is in serious need of some girly girlification, the porcelain David the Shepard figurine and 4 lil' Lillian Vernon cups with matching tray were found in the freebie bin...a little red the sale where Alice bought the wicker chair. Unfortunately, the little red wagon was NOT included! I bought the little green door a couple of weeks ago from a farm near my house. Isn't it pretty?
Mmm...I forgot about the pair of brand new lampshades...yeah...they were $1.50 each!!!
What fun!
The Farm Chicks' Antique Show 2009

Thank you so much, Teri and Serena, for putting on such a great show! It was lovely meeting you and so many other creative people!


Kasey said…
what a trip!
and look at all your lucky girl.
I wish i had a truck to put everything i wanted in.
Really enjoyed visiting your blog. Looks like you had a fun time at the Farm Chicks show.

Lisa said…
So glad your mom is fine! Sorry about her car! Thats always a pain! Your treasures are the best! Thanks for sharing!
Jeanne Oliver said…
I needed a truck!!! I can't imagine the damage I would have done if I have a way to get it all home. Looking at pictures just makes me want to go back!!!
Oooh...I totally forgot about that chair. I just love old chairs! It's going to be so pretty when it's done being oogly. (17 March 2010)

: )

Julie M.

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