The Farm Chicks' Antique Show 2009, Part I

I realise that I'm way past due on my first post about the show. June has been a crazy busy say the least. It has also been full of surprises, including a tree falling on my mom's new car the night before my friends and I were to leave for Spokane. Mom is fine, she wasn't anywhere near the car, PRAISE THE LORD, and it was only partially smooshed. But enough of that for now, it's late..and I came down with a cold today... So, what better way to start my post...then with The Farm Chicks themselves...

The Farm Chicks, aka Teri and Serena, signing my copy of their beautiful new book, "The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen, Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much." Released just in time to make the top of my birthday wish list...I couldn't wait and bought a copy for myself a few of weeks before the show. It was a good thing I did, because they sold out like hot cakes on Saturday!

What fun!

: )

Julie M.

ps  Just click here to read Part II.


Anonymous said…
I am so glad that no one was hurt when the tree fell. A few years ago we had one fall on our front porch. No damage except to our gutters. Loved your post today.

Thank you! I'm sorry about your porch! That must have been scary! I grew up on a golf course in the foothills to the Cascade Mountains...after every big storm our area looked like a battle zone with GIANT trees down all over the place. One year, if I remember correctly, a home just a couple of blocks down from our all brick house...had at least 4 trees fall on it! We always felt so blessed to never have any problem with our trees...or any golf balls through our windows! : )
Jeanneoli said…
What a great picture of all you guys. Teri and Serena are just as sweet. I have become friends with them over the past year and they are so genuine and real!! So glad you had a fun was a great show.

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