Someday soon...

It is gray, drippy, and pouring down rain today...but before too long, it will begin to look a lot like this!

The Little Red Shop "Nursery" 16 June 2008

Perfectly orange poppies planted by God...through the wind, the birds, and a Stanford Horticulturalist. Years ago, a little Japanese lady named, Yoko, owned a plant nursery on what are now the grounds of The Little Red Shop.


Sonjia Hill said…
I just LOVE the picture of the poppies!! Sooo cool! Did you take that Julie??? Great pics!!

Love ya, Sonjia Marie
Thank you! I did take it, yes. Isn't that a happy picture?

: )

Love you!
Cousin Julie

ps I need to stop typing. My kitty, Olivia, is using my left hand for a pillow...and it is falling asleep!

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